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Example of International Companies in Thailand

As Thailand is one of the rising stars of the Association of Southeast Nations, it’s no wonder that there are headquarters of international companies located within the Kingdom. These are major contributors to the country’s economy as they have created thousands of jobs both for foreign nationals and local Thais alike.

Let’s take a look at which international companies are maintaining facilities and offices in Thailand.

Aetna International Inc.

Aetna is indeed truly at home in Thailand. The company is an international private healthcare provider. Its industry is providing healthcare services specifically to foreigners who move to Thailand for the long-term, whether to retire or to devote to a lifetime study of Muay Thai. As Thailand is considered by a number of foreign nationals as their second home, it only makes that Aetna International is right there in the Kingdom ready to help these expatriates with their healthcare needs.

ASSA Abloy (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Anyone who is fussy about their security will definitely recognize this company. ASSA Abloy is known throughout the world for the quality of its padlocks, among others. Of course, it also deals with advanced security options like secure and burglar-proof doors, as well as lock-based comprehensive security systems. The company operates a subsidiary in Thailand named ASSA Abloy (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Air New Zealand Co. Ltd.

Air New Zealand has a very long and distinguished history. It is one of the few airline operators that have survived the harrowing Second World War and lived to tell the tale. Established in the early 40s, the company experienced significant growth in just 20 years after its inception. Immediately after the war, the airline routing expanded to include Southeast Asian nations, including Thailand. However, due to COVID travel restrictions, the company may not have resumed it’s flight operations in the Kingdom.

G.E. Medical Systems (Thailand) Ltd.

General Electric is indeed one of the largest conglomerates in the world, with a decidedly global reach. The corporate group has a number of subsidiaries working in various niches. G.E. Medical Systems (Thailand) Ltd. Is a Thai-based unit that specializes in crafting software intended for use in the medical industry. Its software and firmware powers the operations of specialized medical instruments employed in Thailand’s exceptional healthcare system.

Amway (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Amway is known for its direct selling and multi-level marketing model that has helped countless people around the world gain financial independence and earn sizable amounts of income from selling its products. Amway (Thailand) does the same thing for local Thais, giving them a source of livelihood sourcing directly from the company’s inventory and benefiting from the company’s member support system.

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