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9 Things To Know About Thailand’s Red Lotus Lake

Thailand is an excellent destination for traveling and seeing magnificent sites and temples. One of them is the famous Red Lotus Lake. This post will cover almost all you need to know about your trip to Red Lotus Lake.

Never miss the beautiful murmur of the water as the boat travels across the water’s sleeping surface; never miss the nice, cool wind on your face. Visit Thailand’s famous Red Lotus Sea and allow your eyes to feast on the visual delicacy of a million lotuses on the Red Lotus Lake’s water surface. ‘Talay Bua Daeng,’ or Red Lotus Sea, is not an ocean but a quiet district in the north-eastern province of Udon Thani.

Zero Red Lotuses

Contrary to its name, The Red Lotus Lake doesn’t contain lotuses. Rather than that, pink water lilies. However, the blooms do have a visual resemblance to lotuses. Lily leaves float on the water while the flowers bloom about six inches above the water, providing a dreamlike picture for the observer.

The Red Lotus Lake Legend

The Red Lotus Lake’s vernacular tale in north-eastern Thailand is fascinating. A  tragic story between a princess and 2 of her suitors. The fantasy-epic story is infused with themes of love, rejection, legendary realms, and rebirth.

When To Visit?

The Talay Bua Daeng’s primary draw is its lilies. Thus, the ideal time to visit the Red Lotus Lake is during their blooming season which usually starts in December until February. The ideal time to visit the lake is in the morning when the lilies are in bloom between 6 am- to 11 am.

How Do You Get To Red Lotus Lake?

Red Lotus Lake is located southeast of Udon Thani. You may access the boats from the lake’s northern end.

Although it’s time-consuming, you may reach the lake through local public transit from Udon Thani. However, this will require you to have multiple rides.  If you desire a direct route, you should choose another mode of transport. The best course of action will be to rent a cab or a bicycle. Hotels in Udon Thani may arrange for transportation to and from Red Lotus Lake. As a result, staying in Udon Thani is a smart option if you want to simplify your travel plans.


Taxis are available from Udon Thani to Red Lotus Lake. The average fare charged by the majority of taxis is 1,500 baht. However, if you are skilled at negotiating, you may get that price reduced.

Hire A Taxi Or A Bicycle

If you want to go alone, renting a bike or a vehicle is ideal. Automobiles and bicycles are readily accessible from both the airport and the city. If you hire a bike, your travel insurance must cover you. Automobiles need an international driver’s license.

Rent a Boat

The glitz of the pink lilies is unappealing from the lake’s beaches. To do this, you must take a boat and go inland, away from the shore. There are many boats available for rent. The fee is determined by the kind and length of the boat you are renting.

Short journeys take about 60 minutes, whereas the lengthier journeys take approximately 90 minutes. It is recommended that you take the longer path since the visual magnificence is about 20 minutes from the beach. Thus, choosing the 60-minute journey will shorten your time in the enchanted realm of Red Lotus Lake.

Boat Tickets

To get boat tickets, you must queue at the ticket booth. The staff will provide your boat number and advise you to wait until your boat number is called. You may encounter some language difficulties since the majority of passengers on the boat are Thai locals. However, the lake personnel will definitely assist you.

Boat Ticket Prices

There are big and small boats. The big boats can accommodate up to 8 passengers, while the smaller ones can accommodate 2 people, minus the driver. The boats charge 300 baht for 60-minute excursions and 500 baht for longer journeys. You must pay the whole price of the boat; however, you may split the cost among the passengers.

Final Thoughts

December is the ideal month to explore Thailand’s Red Lotus Lake. Bring some extra clothing with you since the cold season may cause discomfort. There are few food vendors along the beach, so packing snacks is essential.


Don’t forget your camera, as the lake’s mesmerizing beauty makes it an ideal place for taking pictures. Once you’ve returned from your vacation, we’d love to hear about your experience at Red Lotus Lake.


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