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A Complete Guide To Thailand Elite Visa in 2023 (September Update)

Important Announcement: Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd. is set to phase out the existing Elite Visa offerings. New packages, which carry a 50-500% price surge, will take effect from October 1, 2023. Submit your application by September 15, 2023, 4:30 PM (Bangkok time, GMT +7) to benefit from the current rates. For more information on this update, click here
Time Left for Application Submission

Что такое Таиланд виза Элит?

A Thailand Elite Visa is a program that offers long-term visas to foreign nationals who wish to stay in Thailand for an extended period. The program offers different packages with varying benefits and fees, ranging from five-year to 20-year visas. Some of the benefits of the Thailand Elite Visa include airport service, complimentary golf club memberships, access to exclusive events, and special visa services. The program is operated by the Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

It is also one of the special Thai visas aimed at foreigners engaged in business, digital nomads, retirees, investors, high-income individuals, and families looking to move out to Thailand. Elite personal assistance to help you with whatever concerns or needs that you need to be addressed while you are in Thailand.

Какие преимущества Элитной визы Таиланда?

  • Multiple-entry visa: The Thailand Elite Visa offers a 5-year multiple-entry visa with the possibility of extending it up to 20 years. This visa allows for an uninterrupted stay in Thailand, eliminating the need to leave the country every 90 days, as required by other visa types. This visa also grants additional benefits depending on the selected package, for a membership fee.
  • Airport service:  A member doesn’t need to experience the hassle of visa runs, visa conditions, extensions, paperwork, and going to immigration from 5 to 20 years.  Members will have exclusive access to airport lounges and concierges and services, avoiding long lines, expedited passport processing, and immigration procedures once arrive in Thailand.  It will only take 30 minutes to process, unlike non-members that would spend almost the whole day in the immigration office.
  • EPL Personal Assistance:  Elite Personal Liaison will represent the Thailand Elite Visa holder all through the 90-day reporting period mandated by Thailand Immigration.
  • Limousine Service:  A Thailand Elite Visa member will have a VIP greeting and escort from Elite Personal Assistants upon arrival and departure. In addition, a member will enjoy a roundtrip limousine service from the airport to the residence or hotel.
  • Discounts and Leisure:  Thailand Elite Visa members will enjoy access to spas, golf courses, short-haul and long-haul excursions (depending on the type of visa of the member), and other recreational activities.  Enjoy free annual health checks and exclusive discounts on resorts, hotels, restaurants, Muay Thai gyms, schools, and malls.
  • Opening Bank Account:  Thailand Elite Visa members can open a bank account at any local bank.  A member must present a passport and membership letter or membership card.
  • Apply for Credit Card:  Thailand Elite Visa members can apply for a credit card through Bangkok Bank, one of the leading banks in Thailand provided that they must present a passport, membership card, or membership letter, and open a fixed deposit account with a minimum deposit of THB 50,000.
  • Members can start investing by buying shares of stocks, investing in a condominium unit, or even getting a car and securing a driver’s license.
  • Optional Health Insurance:  Members of the Thailand Elite Visa don’t require health insurance, unlike other types of visas like retirement visas.  A member needs to provide a copy of the passport to the agent, and they will handle all the processes.  Unlike other visas, Thailand Elite members are not required to buy health insurance before traveling to Thailand.
  • 24/7 Customer Service:  Members have 24/7 customer service assistance.  An email sent by the member will respond via email or call in just a few minutes.

How Much Does Thailand Elite Visa Cost?

The cost of the Thailand Elite Visa can vary depending on the package selected. The prices range from 600,000 Thai Baht for a 5-year visa to 2 million Thai Baht for a 20-year visa.

Review them below or use our packages comparison chart to help you compare each Thailand Elite Visa membership:

Elite Easy Access 

  • 5 year visa validity
  • No age limit and anyone can apply
  • Upgradeable to a 10-year visa or 20-year visa
  • Costs THB 600,000 or around 17,000 USD
  • Click here to view full details about Elite Easy Access
    ** Have questions about Elite Easy Access? Open our live chat for instant answers.

Elite Family Alternative

Elite Privilege Access

Elite Superiority Extension

Elite Ultimate Privilege

Elite Family Premium

  • This membership visa is only applicable to members of Elite Ultimate Privilege
  • Costs THB 1,000,000 or around 28,500 USD
  • The validity of this package will depend on the visa validity of the holder of the Elite Ultimate Privilege visa.
  • Click here to view full details about Elite Family Premium
    ** Have questions about Elite Family Premium? Open our live chat for instant answers.

How To Apply For a Thai Elite Visa?

1. Submit Application

Applicants can apply wherever they are. Applicants must submit a copy of their passport and fill out the Thailand Elite Visa application form from an accredited Thailand Elite Visa agent. The agent will then work with the Thailand Elite Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Immigration Bureau to conduct a background check.  This process could take 4 to 6 weeks.

2. Pay the Membership Fee
Once the background check has been completed and the application has been approved, a letter of approval will be sent together with the guide on how to pay for the preferred Thailand Elite Visa membership package.

The membership fee ranges from 600,000 Thai Baht to 2 million Thai Baht, depending on the membership package you have applied for.

What are Thai elite visa payment options?
There are several payment options available for the Thailand Elite Visa program. You can pay for your visa package using a credit card, bank transfer, cash, or cryptocurrency. The amount will depend on the visa package selected.  It is recommended to contact us about payment options and procedures.

NOTE: If you want to pay using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Binance (BNB), and other cryptocurrencies, Thailand Elite Visas by Hawryluk Legal Advisors is the only accredited Thailand Elite partner that accepts cryptocurrency payments. Chat now if you want a Thailand Elite Visa using this payment option.

3. Membership Acceptance
Upon completion of the payment, Thailand Elite will send a welcome letter, Elite Membership Number (EMN), and instructions on receiving your visa.

4. Affix Visa
As a Thai Elite member, you can either affix your Thai Elite visa at a Thai embassy or consulate in your home country or obtain it upon arrival in Thailand at Suvarnabhumi Airport or Phuket Airport. If you are already in Thailand, your Thai Elite agent may also arrange for your visa to be issued at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok.

View the detailed application process by clicking here.

UPDATE: Thailand Privilege visa affixation will be available to members who arrive in Thailand by international flight at Chiang Mai International Airport from 1 July 2023 onwards. Advance booking is required.

How long does it take to get a Thai Elite visa?

The processing time for a Thailand Elite Visa can vary depending on the package selected and the individual’s circumstances. Generally, the visa application process takes 30 to 45 days to complete once all the required documents have been submitted.

It is recommended to visit our Процесс подачи заявки page or connect via live chat for more information on the application process and current processing times.

Required Documents For Thailand Elite Visa
The documents required to apply for a Thailand Elite Visa may vary depending on the package selected and the individual’s circumstances. Generally, the following documents are required:

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Фотокопия страницы паспорта с персональными данными.
  • A high-resolution scanned copy of any valid ID.
  • A duly filled out application form.
  • For the immediate family of Core Members, proof of relationship.
  • A duly filled out Personal Data Policy Form. Download the form here

Additional documents may be required for certain packages. For more information, visit our FAQ page or connect with us via our live chat

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a holder of a legal foreign passport.
  • Must not have a deportation record in any country.
  • Doesn’t have an overstay record in Thailand.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Conditions

  • A member is prohibited from securing a work permit. Still, a member can start investing by buying shares of stocks, opening a bank account, getting a car and license, or investing in a condominium unit.
  • Being a Thailand Elite member doesn’t become a permanent resident of Thailand.
  • Non-Refundable
  • Non-Transferable except for Elite Family Premium Membership
  • Applicants with a work permit in Thailand don’t qualify to be a Thailand Elite Visa member.
  • Elite Visa holders are not allowed to work for any company in Thailand
  • Individuals from the UN Sanction List countries don’t qualify as a Thailand Elite Visa member.  These countries include:
    • Северная Корея
    • Египет
    • Ирак
    • Иран
    • Ливан
    • Ливия
    • Палестина
    • Сирия
    • Йемен
    • Афганистан
    • Непал
    • Пакистан
    • Шри-Ланка
    • Алжир
    • ЦАР
    • Камерун
    • Конго
    • The Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • Экваториальная Гвинея
    • Гвинея
    • Гана
    • Либерия
    • Нигерия
    • Сан-Томе и Принсипи
    • Сьерра-Леоне
    • Сомали
    • Судан

For more information or inquiries about Thailand Elite Visa, contact us or open our live chatYou can also give us a call at +66 (0) 89 979 8466


September 2023 Update:
Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd. presented its new direction at a seminar held at the Conrad Bangkok Hotel. All existing membership packages will be discontinued. In their place, four (4) new packages will be introduced: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Reserve Card. These new packages offer more benefits and privileges but come at higher prices than the current elite visa packages. The public can avail of these new memberships starting October 1, 2023. For more information on this update, click here

August 2023 Update:
1. Thailand Privilege Card Co., known for its Thailand Elite Visa membership packages, has announced a major change in its offerings. All current membership packages will be discontinued, and new offerings will be introduced in October 2023.

2. The transition starts from discontinuing current memberships on September 15, 2023.

3. Current membership package applications will be accepted until 4:30 P.M. Thailand Time on September 15, 2023

4. Current Elite Easy members can upgrade their current membership to Elite Privilege Access or Elite Superiority Extension. Please note that application for a membership upgrade MUST be completed not less than three (3) months before your Elite Easy Access membership expires. Click here to upgrade.

5. Current packages will not be discontinued for applicants who submit their membership applications by the cut-off date.

6. Existing Elite Visa members will continue to enjoy their privileges until their membership term ends.

7. Approved applicants who wish to secure the current membership packages are advised to complete the membership fee payment within 30 days of receiving their approval letter. This allows them to secure the current prices.

8. The new membership packages’ pricing will be based on the global economy’s status. It’s hinted that these packages may come at a higher price.

9. The company assures that it will honor existing packages and provide a smooth transition for its members.

For more details on these updates, click here.

Announcement: Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd. is set to phase out the existing Elite Visa offerings. New packages, which carry a 50-500% price surge, will take effect from October 1, 2023. Make sure to send in your application by September 15, 2023, 4:30 PM (Bangkok time, GMT +7) to benefit from the current rates.

Time Left for Application Submission

Submit Your Application Today!

The application process for the Thailand Elite Visa appears to be simple and uncomplicated. It is the most efficient visa choice for traveling to and entering Thailand.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or chat now if you are interested in applying for a Thailand Elite Visa.  We offer 100% free consultation.

Our company Hawryluk Legal Advisors has been authorized by Thailand Privilege Card Company Ltd. to accept and process Thailand Elite Visa applications. 

Customer Reviews:

“As promised – I received my visa as I arrived in Phuket, I submitted everything they asked for online, the Hawryluk Legal team made sure it was sorted quickly and efficiently as I had booked my flights to the Kingdom as soon as I submitted my application. Well received and would recommend anyone as they handle extra matters and have a full legal team at your disposal.” 

– Yohan Zouine


“I had filled out the contact message to figure out how I would move me and my children to Thailand for a long term stay and I was met with incredible service, I was contacted straight away via email, set up a phone call and since I had read everything on the website I knew most of what I needed to know – we decided to get the Thailand Elite Family Premium Membership  and we couldn’t be happier not having to deal with issues staying in Thailand, I will happily be referring my friends to the Hawryluk Legal Team!”

Candice Johansson

“As My first language is Mandarin, there are some things that I didn’t understand while speaking to some other agents, but as I contacted Thailand Elite Phuket I was met with a Chinese speaking lawyer who was able to fill me in on everything I did not understand and within a few days we began the application process, I am currently awaiting my approval but I cannot be happier with the service I was met with.”

– Xiao Lee Chen


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