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Thailand Elite Benefits

What Are Thailand Elite’s Visa Benefits?

Thailand Elite is indeed an innovative system to help tourists enjoy more out of their stay in the Kingdom. As a holder of the visa and the membership card, you can enjoy a number of benefits that certainly will make your investment into the program as money well spent.

What is Thailand Elite?

The Thailand Elite card is a program designed by the Thai government itself in order to allow tourists to maximize their experience as a visitor to the Kingdom. If you’re asking yourself, “Is Thailand Elite legal?” Well, the answer is: “Definitely, yes.”

The program is designed to give visiting foreign nationals a comfortable and convenient experience during their stay in the country. Thus, members have access to vital services that makes it easier for them to do several important tasks in relation to their tourist visa, among other perks.

What are the Benefits?

Here are the specific benefits that you can enjoy as a member of the Thailand Elite program:

A. Elite Personal Assistants

Available upon request, your personal assistants will help you in almost any task that you need help in while you’re in Thailand. For instance, they can meet you at the airport and guide you through the immigration process. They will also assist you with your transfers via luxury limousine. You can also have them represent you before the Immigration authorities for your mandatory 90-day reporting in Bangkok, or have them open a local bank account on your behalf in the capital city.

B. Exclusive Immigration Procedures

Tired after a long flight? You’ll find yourself in your hotel in no time! With your Elite Assistants, you can access an exclusive immigration counter to process your arrival. This will save you from the long lines associated with normal immigration procedures. All you have to do after is to collect your luggage and you’re on your way to the hotel.

C. Complimentary services

As a member, you can enjoy complimentary services in any of the program’s participating hospitality establishments like spas, hotels, golf clubs, restaurants and many others. Your membership also entails exclusive discounts and privileges that will certainly help in creating an unforgettable experience for you.

D. Long stay benefits

Thailand Elite is modelled after the tourist visa. Being part of the program simply grants a version of the visa that has long-term validity that is good for multiple entries. You can say goodbye to visa runs with your brand new Thailand Elite visa.

E. Annual Health Checkup

If you’ve decided on living in Thailand for your retirement, enrolling in the Thailand Elite program gives you access to annual health checkups. Make sure you’re always in great shape with the help of Thailand’s excellent doctors and unparalleled universal healthcare system. All you need to do is to dial the program’s call center and make an appointment.

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If you’ve grown to love Thailand and would like to stay longer without worrying about paperwork and immigration, the Thailand Elite card is yours to take. Get in touch with us now and start your elite journey as a member of the program.


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