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Who Can Apply for the Thailand Elite Visa?

For people who love to visit Thailand, the Thailand Elite visa benefits are for theirs to reap. Question now here is – who exactly are qualified to apply for the visa?

In this article, we’ll highlight and identify the people who can benefit the most from membership in this innovative government program. Of course, anyone who wants to join is welcome, but these groups represent the program’s ideal targets.

So, without further talk, let’s take a look at who can apply and can take full advantage of the perks that the Thailand Elite visa has to offer.

People Who Want To Stay In Thailand For Months At A Time

As discussed in one of our previous articles, the Thailand Elite program is modeled after Thailand’s tourist-friendly visa requirements for foreign visitors who come to enjoy their annual Thailand holidays in the Kingdom.

The tourist visa grants the holder a maximum stay of 60 days, which can be extended to 90 days by subscribing to their proper government procedures. Typically, tourists will have to exit the country after their 90 days is up to satisfy visa requirements, and return after a couple of months.

That can be a hassle for some tourists, and that’s why the Thailand Elite visa grants up to a year of stay in the country without applying for extensions and exiting the country every 60 or 90 days. They’d still have to make the mandatory 90-day report to Immigration, but members have the option to have an Elite Personal assistant to deliver the documents and make the appearance on their behalf.

Businessmen Who Frequently Visit Thailand

As a businessman, you cannot tell sometimes how long you have to stay in the country in order to manage your endeavors in the Kingdom. The long-term validity and stay limits offered by the Thailand Elite visa program is ideal for people like them.

In addition, having access to professional Elite Personal Assistants can help them accomplish things faster while they are in Thailand. These assistants can help process bank applications (in Bangkok only) and license applications, as well as help in tasks that can be related to the businessman’s management of his or her business in the country.

How About People Who Want to Work in Thailand?

The Thailand Elite visa alone is not enough to make a foreign national legally seek employment in the Kingdom. They can still apply to take advantage of the 5-year visa validity and 1-year limit on stay, as they can save money that would otherwise be spent in visa runs outside the country.

However, members who eventually decide to work in the Kingdom will have to apply for a separate work visa. The Thailand Elite visa can serve as the non-immigrant visa that they need to possess before they can be allowed to work in Thailand.

They can have the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Are you interested in how you can become part of one of the best tourist programs in Southeast Asia? Talk to us! You can reach out via our social media channels, our email address and our office phone.


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