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Villa Enjoy Phuket

Villa Enjoy – Patong Beach Prime Luxury Villa

One look at the name and you can be sure that staying in this luxury villa will give you a truly unforgettable holiday. Located in Patong Beach in Phuket, nestled in a location not quite far from the sea, Villa…

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Average Cost of Living in Thailand’s Cities

If you want to move to Thailand either for retirement, for work, or for business, the first thing that you will want to know about is the average cost of living. You’ll need to know this in order to determine…

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Why Phuket is the Best Place to Live

If, at this moment, you’re still looking at the best place in Thailand to move to, then you should learn about Phuket. You may have heard about Phuket from various sources. This paradise within the Kingdom of Thailand is highly…

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Air New Zealand

Example of International Companies in Thailand

As Thailand is one of the rising stars of the Association of Southeast Nations, it’s no wonder that there are headquarters of international companies located within the Kingdom. These are major contributors to the country’s economy as they have created…

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Study Muay Thai

How to Obtain the Right Visa to Study Muay Thai in Thailand

Have you always wanted to learn Muay Thai? It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to learn it to compete in the Mixed Martial arts championships, or if you want to just get into shape while learning how to defend yourself….

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Thailand Healthcare System

The Strength of Thailand’s Healthcare System

There are many reasons why foreign expatriates want to travel to Thailand. Some of these reasons include: to tour as much of the country as they could, to retire in Thailand, and, in some cases, to settle down and find…

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Elite Visa Sticker

Thailand Elite vs Regular Retirement Visa

Thailand is without doubt one of the best nations for an expatriate to settle down in for his or her retirement. The natural vistas are both captivating and relaxing. The local population is very friendly, and the costs of living…

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Can I Apply for Work as a Member of the Thailand Elite Visa

To apply for work is one of the five reasons that foreigners apply for visa to Thailand. The Thailand Elite Visa is designed after the tourist visa, which means holders don’t automatically get permission to find employment in the Kingdom…

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Thai Visa

5 Reasons Foreigners Apply for Thai Visa

When you go into a country as a foreigner, you will need a visa in order for you to be let into the nation. That visa is a document that details the reasons why you’re going into the country in…

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