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Ao Phang Nga National Park,

Thailand’s Protected Eco Sanctuaries

The beauty of Thailand is not just found in its white sand beaches. Further inland, you can find an impressive number of protected national parks. At sea as well you can find some marine sanctuaries where underwater wildlife thrive, free…

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Barai Spa

Thailand’s Exceptional Spa and Massage Parlors

When you’ve gone through a long journey across the world, your body will naturally feel sore and tired. Upon arrival in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand, you will want to untie those knots that make your muscles hurt. Spa and…

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Sukhothai Province

The Provinces With the Most History in Thailand

Thailand has almost everything to offer the tourist. For travelers who are interested in history, Thailand has a lot of destinations for them to visit. These include the following four provinces that are considered to be the most historical among…

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