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Is Moving to Thailand Amidst the Pandemic Really Safe? Of Course, It Is!

Have you planned to move to the Kingdom right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit? Thailand is now getting ready to open its doors again to international visitors by October, its government confident that, with their successful handling of the pandemic, they can keep their countrymen and tourists safe from contracting the illness.

Is it a good time for you to push through with your plans to retire and immigrate to Thailand? Well, as the government is confident in its ability to contain the virus, we could also say with similar confidence that, yes, you should push through with your plans to move to Thailand.

What Makes Thailand a Safe Haven?

Safety is, of course, in everyone’s best interests at this point in time. With a virus silently ravaging the globe, you’d need to find a place where you can be sure that you’re well taken care of. Thailand is one of the best, if not the best, places amidst this pandemic.

First, and most important, Thailand’s ministers are currently formulating plans to “curate” tourists and match them with safe areas in the nation. This involves putting international visitors into high-traffic areas that did not register any significant number of infections, or no infections at all. These areas include tourist favorites like Samui and Phuket, for example.

On the other hand, international tourists coming into Thailand will now be required to show a bill of clean health from their home nation’s health ministries. In addition, health insurance becomes a compulsory addition to the tourist’s travel documents.

Medical experts will also be standing by in arrival areas to further minimize exposure to the virus. Anyone coming into the airport will have to take a rapid antibody test before they can leave.

Second reason – the quality of Thailand’s healthcare system is unparalleled. The country experiences no shortage of highly skilled doctors working in one of its many internationally recognized private hospitals. In fact, next to leisure tourism, Thailand is one of the top destinations for medical tourism, which means that people around the world come to the Kingdom for medical treatment.

Truly, even with a pandemic in place, you continue to be in good hands in Thailand.

What Makes Thailand a Great Place to Retire?

There are many reasons why you’ll find Thailand ideal as a second home. These reasons, aside from the amazing healthcare in the Kingdom, include the following:

  1. Low costs of living

According to the website Thailand Life, your expenses for rent in Bangkok will be 65% lower than what you’ll spend if you’re living in London. Bangkok is the capital, and a major metropolis. Once more of the country opens up after quarantine, you could move to cities with even lower costs of living.

  1. Education

Thailand is home to a number of international schools that cater to families of expatriates. The quality of the education is top notch and, we say without doubt, world class. One of these is the Concordian International School, which takes pride in its multi-lingual environment.

  1. Mass transportation

Thailand has a highly effective mass transportation system in place that help get you from city to city, or from one point of a city to the next. Bangkok itself has a mass transit system called the Skytrain that can get you from one suburb in the capital to another without being dragged down by traffic.

Bring your plans of moving to Thailand to fruition by applying as early as now for a non-immigrant visa, like the Thailand Elite visa. This visa lets you stay in Thailand for an entire year without the mandatory exit travels of normal non-immigrant visas.


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