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Thailand Partners with Airlines to Propel Tourism Growth in 2024

Published: Июнь 11, 2024 at 7:55 пп

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Key Takeaways:

* Thailand is enhancing its tourism appeal by partnering with 11 international airlines to target growth in both emerging and established markets in 2024.

* The strategy includes negotiating airline packages that offer special rates for long-stay tourists, aligning with Thailand’s new visa policies.

* Airlines such as Iberojet, Condor, British Airways, and Finnair are expanding their routes, including direct flights from Vancouver to Bangkok, and from Helsinki to Bangkok and Phuket, significantly boosting weekly flights during the European winter.

* SCAT Airlines has launched flights between Almaty and Surat Thani, while Thai Airways is set to resume services to Milan and Oslo.

* Thai AirAsia X is expanding its presence in Europe, planning to add flights to four cities this winter season.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) targets to enhance its connectivity by forming strategic alliances with 11 international airlines, aiming to boost visitor numbers from both emerging and established markets in the latter half of this year.

Thailand is positioning itself to capture a significant share of the long-haul travel market, anticipated to contribute at least 770 billion baht from 10.8 million foreign tourists in 2024. Siripakorn Cheawsamoot, TAT’s Deputy Governor for Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas, is at the helm of this initiative, aiming to elevate Thailand’s tourism profile globally.

This marketing initiative focuses on tapping into both new and seasoned markets to maintain Thailand’s allure as a premier destination. Noteworthy growth was observed from January to May 2024 in six rising markets: Poland (65.2%), Italy (48%), Saudi Arabia (27.6%), Denmark (26%), Canada (23%), and Kazakhstan (17.6%). Simultaneously, established markets like France (38.7%), Germany (32%), the UK (22.6%), Russia (14.8%), and the US (14.3%) also saw notable increases.

As summer approaches, flight bookings have already exceeded pre-pandemic levels, with the Middle East leading at 141%, followed by Europe at 103%, and Africa at 81.3%.

Addressing the need for enhanced collaboration, Siripakorn emphasized the challenges of limited seating and high fares. The TAT is negotiating with airlines to package seats with holiday offerings or to provide special rates for extended stays, aligning with Thailand’s updated visa policies that allow longer visits of up to 60 days for travelers from 93 countries.

Air Canada and other airlines are responding to these initiatives by offering fares tailored for long-stay tourists, including direct flights from Vancouver to Bangkok starting in October. The European winter will see additional connectivity, with airlines like Iberojet, Condor, and British Airways launching multiple weekly flights to Thailand. Finnair will also enhance its service with direct flights from Helsinki to Bangkok and Phuket, offering 19 to 20 flights per week on these routes.

In Kazakhstan, SCAT Airlines has begun operations from Almaty to Surat Thani, and Thai Airways will soon restart routes from Bangkok to Milan and Oslo. Thai AirAsia X plans to expand its footprint in Europe with new flights to four cities during the winter season, according to Thaiger.

This enhanced connectivity, forged through strategic partnerships, marks a prime opportunity for Thailand to reinforce its position as a global top-tier destination, appealing particularly to those seeking extended stays.

SOURCE: Thaiger

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