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Thailand Pass Registration Eased for International Arrivals from 1 June 2022

According to the announcement by Thailand’s Centre of COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) on 20 May 2022, ‘Thailand Pass’ registration will be eased for international arrivals from 1 June 2022. The latest update is as follows.

From 1 June 2022, the Thailand Pass system will function as a pre-arrival registration, not an approval system. However, foreign nationals are still required to apply for a Thailand Pass (via https://tp.consular.go.th) to provide the following information:

1) COVID-19 vaccination certificates or COVID-19 test results.
2) A minimum of 10,000 USD equivalent of travel insurance that covers medical expenses related to COVID-19
3) A copy of a valid passport

The system will then automatically issue a Thailand Pass QR code for the applicants. Prior to issuing boarding passes, airlines are required to pre-check for the Thailand Pass QR code for travelers coming to Thailand.

Foreign travelers also need to provide the QR code received to officers on arrival. Once they arrive in Thailand, travelers must undergo entry screening, and will then be allowed entry and are free to go anywhere in the kingdom.

Unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated travelers who are able to upload proof of a negative RT-PCR or professional ATK test within 72 hours of travel via the Thailand Pass system will also be allowed entry and are free to go anywhere in the kingdom.


Foreign travelers must upload correct documents and carry them in case they are required to show the documents for verification.

– Travelers coming to Thailand before the beginning of June still need to adhere to the same entry requirements as announced earlier.

– By entering Thailand under Thailand Elite Visa, members must not forget their duty to conduct the 90-day reporting and notification of residence for foreigner (TM30) in accordance with the Thai Immigration Law. Members must always check their arrival stamp and extension stamp to ensure that they are not overstaying to avoid penalties such as a fine, a ban from entering the country, imprisonment, and deportation.

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