Announcement Updated Visa Upon Arrival

An Updated Policy Visa on Arrival (all International Airports in Thailand)

Due to the government’s policy to restrict fraudulent travels to Thailand under Visa on Arrival (VOA) rights, the Immigration Bureau is asking for cooperation from Thailand Elite Members of 18 countries and territories who are planning to affix Thailand Elite Visa upon arrival.

From 16 December 2021, Thailand Elite Members (who have not affixed Thailand Elite Visa in their passport) are strongly advised to have a proper tourist visa to enter Thailand in order to obtain permission to affix Thailand Elite Visa at the airport. Our members are recommended to affix Thailand Elite Visa at the Royal Thai Embassy and the Royal Thai Consulate-General abroad before arrival to Thailand.

Please be informed that VOA is applicable for short-term visits for tourism purposes, therefore, visitors must apply for the correct type of visa. Thailand Elite Members who are traveling to Thailand under VOA rights will be strictly barred from affixing Thailand Elite Visa at the airport. Also, please note that the Immigration Officers reserve the right to deny entry if members are traveling with incomplete and/or insufficient documents. For full details of VOA, please click here.

The 18 countries and territories are as follows.

  1. Bhutan
  2. Bulgaria
  3. China
  4. Cyprus
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Fiji
  7. Georgia
  8. India
  9. Kazakhstan
  10. Malta
  11. Mexico
  12. Nauru
  13. Papua New Guinea
  14. Romania
  15. Saudi Arabia
  16. Taiwan
  17. Uzbekistan
  18. Vanuatu

For further information, please contact Member Call Center Tel: +66 2352 3000 from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. GMT+7 daily

Почта: [email protected]


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