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Chiang Mai Hosts Halal Food Festival to Attract Visitors from the Middle East

Published: Июнь 15, 2023 at 9:49 пп

In a bid to attract more tourists from the Middle East, Chiang Mai, Thailand, is gearing up to host its inaugural Halal Food Festival next month. This food festival, a first for the city, aims to showcase the unique halal food from each of Thailand’s four regions. The festival has been aptly named “Unseen Chiang Mai,” according to provincial governor Nirat Pongsitthavorn.

The Halal Food Festival is part of a strategic plan to draw Middle Eastern tourists known for spending a lot and enjoying long holidays. The event also aims to set the tone for the city’s International Food Festival, which will take place during the busy travel months of July and August.

Governor Pongsitthavorn expressed hope that the Halal Food Festival will become a significant annual event for Chiang Mai tourism and enhance the city’s global appeal.

Supamitr Kijjapipat, the president of the Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association, revealed that the festival would last throughout July and feature a range of top-quality, halal-certified restaurants. More than twenty local halal restaurants will participate, promising both local and foreign visitors an enriching dining experience.

Given the expected increase in tourists, Kijjapipat predicted that the festival would significantly boost the local economy.

In addition to the food festival, Chiang Mai will promote various destinations like Chiang Dao, Mae On, Wiang Haeng, Mae Cham, and Mae Kwang from July to September. Under the theme “Unseen,” this promotion will highlight the lush natural landscapes during the rainy season and the diverse local culture, traditions, and ethnic groups, offering visitors a complete and authentic Thai experience.

This festival is part of Thailand’s broader efforts to cater to Middle Eastern tourists, demonstrating the country’s commitment to meeting diverse dietary needs and cultural sensitivities while showcasing its rich culinary and cultural heritage.

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SOURCE: NNT Thailand

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