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Pattaya Will Reopen Water Activities and Floating Restaurants

Published: Май 10, 2022 at 10:59 пп

floating restaurants

The Pattaya Marine Committee has met with local marine industry leaders to discuss the reopening of floating restaurants and water activity services like parasailing and jet skiing. The committee approved the reopening plans but insisted that restaurants can only provide traditional Thai performances at this time — parties or dancers are not allowed.

Certain marine-based enterprises have been operating illegally and informally for some time. Some of the floating restaurants were discreetly established as entertainment venues despite the Covid-19 preventative measure.

So, the Marine Committee held a meeting at the Pattaya City Hall to review the standards and regulations marine-based business operators must follow and asked several company operators to participate in the meeting. The discussion resulted in the following findings:

* Each company must dock in a defined place that does not hinder boat routes.
* Employees are required to pass aquatic safety training.
* Each establishment must have a first-aid kit, waste bins, and garbage collection.
* Appropriate methods for wastewater disposal.

The committee also stressed that companies, particularly floating restaurants, should provide guests with traditional Thai performances. Only a few were reported to provide live DJs, bikini dancers, and other “untraditional and inappropriate” parties.

The provincial authorities of Chon Buri need to approve the agreed-upon guidelines and regulations before they are allowed to reopen officially.

Source: Pattaya News

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