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  1. Commencing Application

    For those interested in applying for the Thailand Elite Program our team will need to obtain the following.

    • A copy of every page in your current passport – please note your passport must have at least 6 month validity remaining and at least 6 blank pages left in your passport..
    • 2x Passport photos (Scanned and uploaded online sent via email).
    • Current Residential Address.
    • Which Thailand Elite Membership (Visa) you are applying for.

    We complete the rest of the application for you, as well as lodge a background check at the Thai Government Office to confirm your eligibility for the program.

    *No pre-payment or fees are required for this application!

  2. Approval of application

    Depending on your nationality, your Thailand Elite visa can take between 30 to 90 days at the Thailand Immigration Department. Once approved the Immigration Department, the Thailand Elite will issue you a Welcome Letter with banking details to pay for your visa.

  3. Payment

    Once the Thailand Elite has received your payment in full, you will be issued a Elite Membership Number, which means that your visa is ready be affixed in your passport and your visa is fully approved!

  4. Affixing the Thailand Elite visa in your Passport!

    To affix the visa in your passport, you will have two options:

    1. If your in Thailand: Your visa can be affixed at the Head Immigration Department in Bangkok. Member services will arrange an appointment for you and assist you throughout the entire process. You will need to spend about 1 hour at the Immigration Department, depending on day.
    2. If you are overseas: Provide your incoming flight details at least 5 days before arrival to Thailand, and we will arrange for a representative of the Thailand Elite Member Services Team to meet you at the arrival gate of your incoming flight. The Elite Member services will fast track you through immigration and affix the visa at the airport for you. You will need at least one hour to affix the visa, and the visa can be affixed at Chang Mai, Phuket and Bangkok airports.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Thailand Elite Membership Application!

You are now ready to begin your stay in Paradise.

Experience the best THAILAND has to offer.

Find out which Elite Visa fits your needs.

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