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Tourism Sector

Thailand’s history, culture and traditions

Many of those who visit Thailand do so in order to visit beaches and resorts, perhaps enjoy the club scene and relax by the ocean. However, Thailand has a rich history, culture and spirituality and to miss that is really…

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Phuket Tourist

11 Things You Should Know About Thai Culture

Despite Thailand’s global popularity as a tourist destination, even those who have visited the country on more than one occasion often find themselves fascinated by Thai culture. It is quite different from Western culture that many visitors are accustomed to,…

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10 Best Things to Do in Thailand – Thailand Must-See Attractions

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations and no one would ever classify it as an up-and-coming location. However, even seasoned travelers can be surprised by local attractions they were not aware of, but turn into their new…

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Ao Phang Nga National Park,

Thailand’s Protected Eco Sanctuaries

The beauty of Thailand is not just found in its white sand beaches. Further inland, you can find an impressive number of protected national parks. At sea as well you can find some marine sanctuaries where underwater wildlife thrive, free…

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Barai Spa

Thailand’s Exceptional Spa and Massage Parlors

When you’ve gone through a long journey across the world, your body will naturally feel sore and tired. Upon arrival in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand, you will want to untie those knots that make your muscles hurt. Spa and…

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Sukhothai Province

The Provinces With the Most History in Thailand

Thailand has almost everything to offer the tourist. For travelers who are interested in history, Thailand has a lot of destinations for them to visit. These include the following four provinces that are considered to be the most historical among…

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Phuket big buddha

What Are the Biggest Temples in Thailand?

Temples are culturally significant in the Kingdom of Thailand. More than just places for people to worship, temples also help provide poor people with education and food. Specifically, children from families in the poverty line can get free education from…

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Chiang Mai

Thailand’s Oldest Cities

  Like the rest of Asia, Thailand has a very long history that surpasses even that of the modern Europeans. Aside from the picturesque beaches and the awesome mountains where the rainforests lie, Thailand’s well-preserved ancient cities are some of…

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Why Villas Are Better Than Hotels

Gone are the days when hotels are the go-to establishments for people when it comes to their holiday accommodation. If you’re staying in an urban area like Bangkok, it would, of course, make sense to check in to a room…

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Night Safari

Activities You Can Do in Chiang Mai

The northern city of Chiang Mai is popular amongst tourists for various reasons. One – its northern location means that it has a cooler climate as opposed to the southern cities of Thailand, which are closer to the tropics. The…

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