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Phuket big buddha

What Are the Biggest Temples in Thailand?

Temples are culturally significant in the Kingdom of Thailand. More than just places for people to worship, temples also help provide poor people with education and food. Specifically, children from families in the poverty line can get free education from…

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Chiang Mai

Thailand’s Oldest Cities

  Like the rest of Asia, Thailand has a very long history that surpasses even that of the modern Europeans. Aside from the picturesque beaches and the awesome mountains where the rainforests lie, Thailand’s well-preserved ancient cities are some of…

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Why Villas Are Better Than Hotels

Gone are the days when hotels are the go-to establishments for people when it comes to their holiday accommodation. If you’re staying in an urban area like Bangkok, it would, of course, make sense to check in to a room…

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Night Safari

Activities You Can Do in Chiang Mai

The northern city of Chiang Mai is popular amongst tourists for various reasons. One – its northern location means that it has a cooler climate as opposed to the southern cities of Thailand, which are closer to the tropics. The…

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Manta Ray

The Marine Wildlife Of Thailand’s Coasts

One of the activities that you can experience as a tourist in Thailand is aqua-sports. These include parasailing, jetski riding and, of course, scuba diving. When you scuba dive, you open yourself up to a whole new world under the…

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Villa Enjoy

Criteria for Choosing Your Villa Accommodation

There are many reasons why a villa is the ideal accommodation for you when you go on holiday in Thailand. One reason is that villas are relatively more inexpensive as compared to luxury hotels. Yes, villas offer the same extent…

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Phuket Highway

Is Phuket Safe for Motorcycles?

Riding a motorcycle is definitely an experience those with the skills and the daring will want to experience. Part of that rider’s instinct is to ride in various places, with each place “conquered” a feather in the rider’s cap. As…

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Is It Worth Investing in Thailand Elite Despite the Pandemic?

The Thailand Elite visa was introduced in the early 2000s as a means for foreign nationals who want to enjoy some exceptional perks in exchange for their love and investment in the Kingdom. One of its objectives was to spur…

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Phraya Nakhon Cave

After the Pandemic – Discovering New Destinations in Thailand

A study conducted by a private sector think thank last month showed that Thailand remains one of the most preferred destinations for tourism, even with the pandemic still in place and with international tourism currently banned in the Kingdom. With…

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How to Spot a Good Property Investment

Real estate, they say, is one of the best forms of investment one can make. True enough, land or condominiums do not depreciate in value over time. Because of this, real estate is one of those investments that are considered…

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