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Thai Wedding

Marrying in Thailand For Foreigners

Marriage is one of the reasons why foreigners come to Thailand. Whether you’re marrying a local, or another citizen from your country, there is a specific procedure to follow. This procedure makes sure that the marriage is legal, not only…

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Thailand International School

Rules on Children Ages 15 and below Entering the Kingdom

It’s not always the case that a foreigner comes into Thailand and lives here all by himself or herself for several years. Whether the reason for staying is for business, for employment, or for retirement, there’s always the possibility that…

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Suvarnabhumi International Airport

The SMART Visa – Its Perks and Qualifications

One of the main drives of the Royal Thai Government is to attract not only foreign tourists into the Kingdom, but also foreign investors and skilled workers. These foreign nationals are important in order to develop Thailand’s industrial capacities, and,…

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Chiang Mai Thailand

Non-Immigration ED Visa(Student Visa)

Thailand is home to many schools that caters to international students of all ages and levels. If the prospect of studying in Thailand is pleasing to you, then you should be taking the necessary steps in order to secure for…

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Non- Immigrant O X visa (5 yr Retirement Visa)

Thailand is such a beautiful place. It’s not a surprise if somebody would want to look at it not only as a place for a long vacation, but as a second home in which they’d want to spend at least…

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two old men

Non Immigrant OA visa (Retirement-Long Stay Visa)

The single entry non-immigrant visa is used as the default visa for those who are seeking to come into Thailand for a variety of purposes. For instance, one has to apply and hold a non-immigrant visa (regardless of number of…

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Non-Immigrant O Visa(Spouse Visa)

As the saying goes, love knows no boundaries. Years ago, it would’ve been taken a stretch of imagination for someone from one country to fall in love with somebody located from across the ocean. Distance can be a barrier, after…

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Can I Apply for Work as a Member of the Thailand Elite Visa

To apply for work is one of the five reasons that foreigners apply for visa to Thailand. The Thailand Elite Visa is designed after the tourist visa, which means holders don’t automatically get permission to find employment in the Kingdom…

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