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Airports Of Thailand Gears Up for the Suvarnabhumi Airport SAT-1 Terminal Soft Launch

Published: September 11, 2023 at 8:06 pm

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As part of an initiative to reduce congestion and facilitate a smoother passenger experience, Airports of Thailand (AOT) has announced the soft launch of its Satellite 1 (SAT-1) terminal at Suvarnabhumi International Airport slated for September 28th.

This comes after a successful full-scale trial involving 180 sample passengers to test systems, including aircraft and baggage handling, passenger transfers, and cargo services. This trial is supported with the aid of Thai Airways.

Available to travelers flying with Thai AirAsia X, VietJet Air, and Emirates from September 28 to October 28, this one-month preliminary phase aims to rigorously test all functionalities before it becomes fully operational by the end of December 2023. This phased approach is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless integration of the new terminal into the existing infrastructure, substantially enhancing the airport’s capacity to serve the public.

Designed with the foresight to accommodate a yearly footfall of 15 million passengers, the SAT-1 terminal stands as a testament to Suvarnabhumi Airport’s commitment to growing sustainably, envisaging a robust 33% surge in its passenger handling capacity, elevating its annual bandwidth to a remarkable 60 million passengers.

A remarkable feature of the SAT-1 terminal is its intricate network of 28 contact gates, tailored to host a range of aircraft, including the massive double-decker A380 superjumbo flights and Boeing B747s. The expansive four-story edifice spanning 216,000 square meters harbors an underground lair housing the state-of-the-art Automated People Mover (APM) train system.

Designed to revolutionize the inter-terminal transit experience, the APM promises a swift and convenient transfer service linking SAT-1 with the existing terminal. Boasting a peak velocity of 80 km/h and a capacity to ferry 210 commuters per journey, the APM envisages a throughput of around 6,000 passengers hourly, reducing transit time to a mere three minutes, thereby marking the end of shuttle vehicle reliance for international passengers.

The forthcoming introduction of the SAT-1 terminal stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Suvarnabhumi Airport takes a step towards redefining passenger convenience and consolidating its position as a global aviation hub, ready to embrace the future with open arms.


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