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Changes to the Test & Go Is Now Official

Published: February 27, 2022 at 11:31 pm

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The new changes on Thailand Pass will take effect on March 1.  The change will let travelers enter Thailand with just one day of accommodation which is booked before their arrival and a PCR test upon arrival.  Although the Day 5 PCR test and hotel booking have been removed, you are still required to do a self antigen test and submit the results to the Mor Chana app on Day 5.

The second significant change was the need for international travelers to get Covid insurance. Foreign employees with a valid Work Permit and who are subject to social security deductions are exempted.  Health insurance must have at least US$20,000 coverage, lower than the previously required US$50,000 coverage.

The revisions have been published in the Royal Gazette and will take effect on March 1. The amendments were adopted during this week’s CCSA meeting and were pending approval through Royal Gazette.

Along with the information above, we would like to remind travelers that the Thailand Pass is FREE. The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides this service free of charge. However, there are trained visa agents who, for a cost, may help you with the papers. Consult a friend or ask several questions before engaging in such services.

Everyone visiting Thailand during this time period, both Thai citizens and tourists must apply for a Thailand Pass.

The new regulations apply to those who have applied for and been granted a Thailand Pass prior to March 1, 2022.

On the Thailand Pass website, you are required to choose what type of entry to the country. These are Test & Go (this article will discuss it particularly), Sandbox, and Alternative Quarantine (for unvaccinated individuals).

You may arrive via land via Nong Khai, Udon Thani, or Songkhla, air or sea.

For air and sea arrivals.

Thai citizens and international visitors from all countries/territories must be fully vaccinated.

For land arrivals.

Fully vaccinated Thai citizens and international visitors from neighboring countries using the restored border crossings (Nong Khai, Udon Thani, and Songkhla).

To enter Thailand, all travelers must possess the following documentation:

A Thailand Pass is required for land and air arrivals; a Certificate of Entry is required for sea arrivals through a Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate-General.

A Medical Certificate with a negative RT-PCR test was issued within 72 hours before scheduled travel.

Travelers under 6 years old who are accompanied by parents and have a negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours of travel are not required to have a pre-arrival negative RT-PCR test result and may enter the Kingdom with saliva test.

For arrivals by sea, all passengers must have a medical certificate accompanied by an RT-PCR negative test result. Anyone traveling from overseas who has had a history of COVID-19 infection within the last 14-90 days must have a certificate of recovery.

A health insurance policy with a minimum coverage of US$20,000. Thai citizens and expatriates who are covered by Thailand’s national healthcare system are free from this requirement.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand advises travelers to read the small print of any COVID-19 insurance policy carefully before buying. Finally, the insurance shall cover the cost of treatment and additional medical expenditures connected with COVID-19 infection, such as in-patient hospitalization, hospital isolation, hotel isolation, or related quarantine. Additionally, the insurance coverage should cover the traveler’s entire stay in Thailand, plus at least 10 additional days as a preventative measure in the event that the traveler’s second RT PCR test results are positive.

A proof of booking for one night’s stay at a government-approved hotel, such as SHA Extra Plus (SHA++), on Day 1, which should also include the cost of one RT-PCR test on Day 1 and one Antigen Self-Test Kit (self-ATK) on Day 5.

A Certificate of Vaccination/Recovery from COVID-19. Everyone above the age of 18 years must be completely vaccinated against COVID-19 using an authorized vaccine at least 14 days prior to traveling to Thailand.

Unaccompanied minors 12-17 years of age traveling to Thailand must have at least 1 dose of an authorized vaccine. This condition does not apply to children traveling with their parents.

Children aged 6-11 traveling with their parents are free from this requirement.

For water arrivals, all passengers must be vaccinated. This is an exception for travelers under the age of 18 who are accompanied by their parents or guardians.

Travelers with a history of COVID-19 and recovered, as well as those who have taken at least one dose of an authorized vaccination after illness, must have a certificate of recovery from the virus.

All passengers must pass through ‘exit screening’ at the moment of departure, i.e., at the airline check-in counter, and provide the relevant documentation to the person in charge of the checks.

Requirements Upon Arrival / During the Stay

All arrivals must undergo entry screening, which includes taking their body temperature and submitting the proper documentation to an Immigration/Health Control officer.

Air arrivals:

Arrivals through direct flight to the international airport in Thailand: At the entry point.

At the entry point.

Arrivals via connecting domestic flights: At the point of entry before boarding the transiting aircraft or at the destination airport.

1.2 Land and sea arrivals: At the points of entry.

Proceed to the designated hotel or medical facility to undertake the Day 1 RT-PCR test.

Travelers under 6 years old who are accompanied by their parents are eligible for a saliva test.

2.1 Air and land arrivals:

Travelers must have a prepared ride on a sealed route no longer than 5 hours. Then, all travelers must remain inside the hotel to await the test results.

2.2 Water arrivals:

All arrivals must wait on board for the test outcome (yacht). Travelers who get a negative test result are allowed to go anywhere in Thailand but will be provided 1 Antigen Self-Test Kit for Day 5 and required to report/record the result using the MorChana application or another designated application.

Travelers who test positive will be referred for appropriate medical care in line with Thailand’s Communicable Diseases Act B.E. 2558. All the expenses must be paid by the required insurance/own expense for foreign guests.

Depending on their condition, individuals may be medically recommended to undergo treatment at a hospitel or in the community.

They must stay in their lodging for the duration of their medical treatment for at least 10 days. They should not leave their lodging unless required and must alert the official in charge of Communicable Disease Control.

They will obtain a medical certificate of recovery after they have recovered from COVID-19.

While in Thailand

Travelers are urged to adhere to required standards, good personal hygiene such as wearing a mask in public, washing their hands with soap and water or using hand sanitizer, and maintaining a physical distancing of at least one meter from others.

Travelers who demonstrate COVID-like symptoms should seek medical attention. They must get proper medical care if they test positive.

All travelers must download and install the MorChana app and have it run at all times to comply with COVID-19 precautions and to report their self antigen test result on Day 5.

The self antigen test on Day 5 is not necessary if the traveler’s stay is shorter than 5 nights or if the traveler’s planned departure date from Thailand is on or before Day 5. For instance, if the traveler intends to remain in Thailand for 3 days, he or she is not required to conduct and submit the self antigen test result, but must immediately leave Thailand.  However, depending on the airline and the overseas destination, the traveler may be needed to take another test before leaving the country.

Domestic/International Departure Procedures

For domestic departure (for foreign travelers inside Thailand), travelers must present documentation of a negative Day 1 RT-PCR test result.

For international departure, it is the traveler’s responsibility or their organization to ensure that they fulfill the standards of their overseas destination.

All of this information is available on the Tourism of Thailand website, which can be accessed HERE.

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