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Thailand’s Unexpected Tourism Surge Amidst Rising Global Temperatures

Published: August 14, 2023 at 9:49 pm

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As extreme heatwaves grip various parts of the world, Thailand’s consistently temperate resorts are becoming an unexpected oasis. With temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, these resorts are catching the attention of international tourists seeking a cooler haven.

Joseph, a Californian native, found solace in Thailand amidst his state’s ongoing heat crisis. “While Thailand might be humid, it’s more bearable than the temperatures back in California,” he shared on July 23 from a bustling bar in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit district. “With a cold beer in hand, this feels like paradise.”

Indeed, parts of California, especially areas like Death Valley, have reported blistering temperatures, reaching up to 53 degrees Celsius this summer. The southwest region of the U.S. isn’t alone in its heat battle, as parts of southern Europe have also recorded temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. This surge in temperature has even resulted in hospital admissions in places like Spain and Italy.

Ben, a young British tourist, articulated a sentiment shared by many: “Given the extreme heat in southern Europe, Thailand seemed like a more comfortable and joyful alternative for my summer vacation.”

Authorities in high-temperature zones advise locals and tourists alike to remain indoors, inadvertently curbing the full tourist experience. This shift in vacation preferences, driven by the quest to escape harsh summer temperatures – a concerning repercussion of climate change – might be the silver lining Thailand’s tourism industry needs, especially post the pandemic-induced slump.

Traditionally, tourists from Europe, the United States, and Japan have opted for summer vacations between June and October. This time aligns with Thailand’s rainy season, a period usually less preferred by overseas visitors. However, the country’s tourism sector may witness a boost if it can appeal to tourists even during the wet months.

The monsoon in Thailand brings with it cooler evening temperatures, often dipping to 25 degrees Celsius. This year, such climates are serving as a pleasant draw for numerous international guests.

In late July, a ferry loaded with visitors from countries like Russia, India, and Germany docked at the resort town of Pattaya in eastern Thailand. These tourists reveled in the tropical ambiance, partaking in swimming, dining, and other leisure activities.

A young Finnish visitor expressed his surprise and satisfaction with the Thai climate, hinting at an extended stay. Likewise, an Australian tourist strolling along the beach felt the cloud cover was a protective shield against potential sunburns.

As global temperatures soar, it seems Thailand is positioning itself as the cooler, tropical getaway for heat-weary travelers.

SOURCE: Nikkei Asia

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