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Thailand Achieves 29th Position in World’s Best Countries List

Published: September 12, 2023 at 7:33 pm

Wat Chaiwatthanaram Temple, Ayutthaya, Thailand

In the recent rankings by US News & World Report, Thailand secures the 29th position among the 87 best countries globally, as cited by the Royal Thai Embassy in the United States. But what does this mean for the affluent traveler looking to unearth the gems of Thailand? Let us delve deeper into the aspects contributing to this recognition and why Thailand should be your next luxury destination.

The report delineated the ranking based on a comprehensive analysis of 73 attributes: adventure, cultural influence, heritage, entrepreneurship prospects, agility, and standard of life.

A Harmony of Tradition and Modernity

Thailand’s agricultural and manufacturing sectors seamlessly blend age-old traditions with modern practices. As a visitor, this translates to experiencing a nation that reveres its ancient Buddhist traditions while embracing Western advancements in education and technology.

World-Leader in Exports

For the discerning tourists interested in business and investment opportunities, Thailand’s economy is characterized by a thriving export industry. It stands tall as a global leader in the export of rice, tin, textiles, and electronics. The low rates of poverty and unemployment further speak volumes about its steady and resilient economy, promising a trip that is not only visually enriching but can potentially open doors to lucrative business avenues.

Tourism: The Heartbeat of Thailand

Even though tourism contributes to a mere 7% of Thailand’s GDP, it is one of the most frequently visited countries in the world. This report stands as testimony to the Kingdom’s appeal.

ASEAN Nations: How Thailand Stands

When we look at the ASEAN landscape, Singapore takes the lead at the 16th place, followed closely by Thailand. The neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar also find a place in the list, albeit lower down the ranking. This regional perspective showcases Thailand as a star player, offering a rich tapestry of luxurious experiences grounded in deep-rooted traditions.

Thailand Awaits

For the upscale tourist, Thailand is a destination that promises more than just beautiful landscapes. It is a country where luxury meets culture, and opportunities abound, whether through spiritual enrichment, adventure escapades, or business ventures.

SOURCE: USNews.com

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