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Thailand’s Strategy On It’s Shift To Endemic Phase

Published: June 13, 2022 at 7:50 pm

In the next few weeks, Thailand will begin to “ease” Covid-19 restrictions as the Kingdom enters the “endemic phase.” According to Covid-19 Situation Administration, or CCSA, “U2” and “3Por” procedures would be placed to guarantee health and safety throughout the transition. The next CCSA meeting will take place on Friday, June 17.

The Ministry of Public Health will start on “U2” – Universal Vaccination and Universal Prevention – and “3Por” known as Enough Beds, Enough Medical Staff, and Enough Medical Medication.

As of today, the Covid-19 alert level for all provinces is Level 3. However, it is highly likely that it may be reduced to Level 2 during the CCSA’s meeting on Friday. The fate of the Thailand Pass is also anticipated to be discussed at the meeting.

According to the CCSA, the number of Covid-19 cases in Thailand is gradually decreasing. The overall number of deaths remains stable and is related to unvaccinated patients.

The government intends to increase vaccination rates by hosting vaccine-promotion events and delivering vaccines to local hospitals.  The government is worried about the vaccination rates among the elderly, of whom just 45.1% are fully vaccinated. The target of the ministry for this category is 60%.

To maintain low Covid-19 rates, educational institutions and nightlife places are required to follow COVID control measures.


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