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[UPDATE] 17 Countries Added To Thailand’s Low Risk List

Published: November 1, 2021 at 12:40 pm

low risk countries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand announced changes to the list of countries that can visit Thailand without quarantine starting today. The government agency added 17 more countries to the first list of 46 countries. However, even fully vaccinated travelers will still be required to stay 1 night in a SHA+ or ASQ accommodation while waiting for their COVID-19 test result.

India has been added to the list, with numerous Asian neighbors such as Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, after a rally by country citizens and optimistic tourism industry supporters, including the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The announcement stated that after assessing the COVID-19 situation, the resolution was made to maximize the Test & Go program, a program that allows fully vaccinated travelers from designated low-risk countries to enter Thailand without quarantine with the exception of 1-night stay in a SHA+ or ASQ hotel while awaiting the results of their RT-PCR Covid-19 test.

“Taking into account the present situation regarding the transmission of the COVID-19, as well as socioeconomic and health parameters, a review of the countries authorized to enter the country by persons classified as category (13) was conducted.”

Additional countries include the following:
Sri Lanka

These countries will join the first 46 countries to create a total of 63 countries that will be permitted to enter without quarantine starting today. Today, 7,000 foreign arrivals are expected in Bangkok. Amid uncertainty surrounding the change from the COE or Certificate of Entry to the Thailand Pass, which is effective today that could slow the first batch of arrivals. Many are still disappointed that alcohol is still prohibited in the majority of regions. However, officials designated a ”Blue Zone” in some areas including Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, and Phang Nga that will enable restaurants to serve alcoholic drinks.

Effective today, the following countries can now enter the country without mandatory quarantine:

1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Bahrain
4. Belgium
5. Bhutan
6. Brunei Darussalam
7. Bulgaria
8. Cambodia
9. Canada
10. Chile
11. China
12. Croatia
13. Cyprus
14. The Czech Republic
15. Denmark
16. Estonia
17. Finland
18. France
19. Germany
20. Greece
21. Hong Kong
22. Hungary
23. Iceland
24. India
25. Indonesia
26. Ireland
27. Israel
28. Italy
29. Japan
30. Kuwait
31. Laos
32. Latvia
33. Lithuania
34. Luxembourg
35. Malaysia
36. The Maldives
37. Malta
38. Mongolia
39. Myanmar
40. Nepal
41. The Netherlands
42. New Zealand
43. Norway
44. Oman
45. The Philippines
46. Poland
47. Portugal
48. Qatar
49. Romania
50. Saudi Arabia
51. Singapore
52. Slovakia
53. Slovenia
54. South Korea
55. Spain
56. Sri Lanka
57. Sweden
58. Switzerland
59. Taiwan
60. The United Arab Emirates
61. United Kingdom
62. United States
63. Vietnam


blue zone sandbox
Photo from Tourism Authority of Thailand

Source: Phuket News

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