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6,730 Flights To Phuket Scheduled This Month

Published: December 5, 2022 at 7:51 pm

phuket international airport

This month, the Phuket International Airport will welcome 6,730 scheduled flights, indicating the start of the high season. The average number of daily flights throughout December will increase to 217 from around 200 in November. Approximately 3,000 of these flights are foreign arrivals, while 3,730 are planned to be operated by local airline companies.

The Phuket International Airport has welcomed 1,000,000 passengers over the last 7 months. From May through November, 959,217 tourists arrived on the island. A little less than 250,000 tourists came on international flights in a single month which makes an average of 8,165 daily. And this figure does not include those who had a stopover in Bangkok and passed through immigration control prior to connecting flights to Phuket.

Qatar Airways has the majority of flights arriving in Phuket then followed by Singapore Airlines. However, flights coming from Russia have the highest number of arrivals on the island while Kazakhstan and India are tied for the second spot. In November, there were 63,357 arrivals from Russia, compared to 29,259 from India and 10,659 from Kazakhstan.

Phuket News reports that 38 different international airlines are conducting flights into Phuket this month. Below are the top 11 with 6 domestic airlines:

flight schedule december

SOURCE: Thaiger

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