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Aeroflot Added 14 Russia To Phuket Flights Every Week

Published: November 14, 2022 at 9:28 pm

Aeroflot takeoff

Two weeks after the return of Russian airlines to Phuket, Aeroflot announced more direct flights to Phuket. The Russian airline announced that 14 additional weekly flights would be added between Russia and Phuket.

The expansion includes additional daily flights between Moscow and Phuket, bringing the total number of weekly flights between the two cities to 14. Aeroflot will also provide 2 weekly flights from Novosibirsk and Vladivostock. Aeroflot will also launch 3 weekly flights from Krasnoyarsk to serve its population of over 1,000,000.

The Russian Consulate announced the updated flight schedule through social media. They said that flights would begin this month, but no specific dates were provided.

Aeroflot is increasing the number of its flights to Phuket and plans to expand and include new flights from other parts of Russia.

Beginning this month, additional flights from Russia will be added to the existing flight schedule. In addition to Aeroflot’s regular flights, Ikar Airlines operates from Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow to Phuket on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday each week. Siberia Airlines operates from Irkutsk on Thursdays and Vladivostok and Novosibirsk on Mondays.

The increase in flights signals the return of Russian tourists to Phuket, who have surpassed Indian tourists.  From May through September, the average monthly number of arrivals from Russia was between 3,200 and 4,200. This figure surged to 23,089 last month.

A quarter of the total 83,428 international travelers to Phuket were Russians (20,453).  This number easily surpassed arrivals coming from India (9,810) and Australia (5,974).

SOURCE: Thaiger

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