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Agoda’s Budget Picks: Top 5 Affordable Thai Destinations to Visit

Published: April 6, 2023 at 1:18 pm

hilltop temple Wat Tham Saeng Tham.

According to Agoda, the leading online travel agency, Khon Kaen offers the most budget-friendly vacation experience in Thailand. Travelers can find average room rates as low as 1,030 Thai baht or USD $30 in this attractive destination.

Surat Thani, Nakhon Ratchasima, Udon Thani, and Hat Yai join Khon Kaen among Thailand’s five most affordable travel destinations, taking into account their average room rates.

Peerapol Sa-ngamuang, the Thailand Country Director for Agoda said.

As 2023 is underway and numerous public holidays approaching, many people are eager for a much-needed break. At the same time, with the global attention on living costs, we’re all looking to make wise spending decisions. These Agoda insights will help travelers find fantastic destinations while saving money along the way.

Visitors en route to Khon Kaen may like to take a picturesque drive via Nam Phong National Park, around the enormous Ubolratana Lake, to the Ubolratana Dam.

The King Cobra Village, located in the countryside of Khon Kaen province, is a fascinating tourist attraction where visitors can enjoy thrilling shows while gaining knowledge about snakes and herbal remedies.

Happening upon a concealed treasure in Khon Kaen, the writer found Wat Chai Sri Temple, tucked away in a rural village just a short distance from the city. This intimate temple houses unparalleled murals and elegant artwork created by Thong Thipcha, a folk artisan from Maha Sarakham province. In 2001, it earned the status of a national ancient monument.

Here’s a noteworthy Khon Kaen attractions according to Agoda:
Though referred to as Thailand’s dinosaur city, Khon Kaen is remarkably up-to-date! The bustling university area is packed with trendy cafés, lively city lakes hosting continuous celebrations, the energetic Ton Tann Night Market filled with food stalls and live acts, and much more.

Khon Kaen is also a prime spot for embarking on excursions to nearby points of interest, such as uncovering Jurassic marvels or visiting the mesmerizing mountaintop temple, Wat Tham Saeng Tham.

Traveling to Khon Kaen in April? Stock up on water balloons and a super soaker, as the city stages one of the most extensive Songkran (Thai New Year) festivities from April 13-15. Participate in the merrymaking at Kaen Nakhon Lake amid one of Asia’s most extraordinary water festivals and be ready to get wet!

According to Agoda, the APAC region’s most budget-friendly destinations by room rates include Sibu (Malaysia), Surakarta (Indonesia), Puri (India), Bacolod (Philippines), Ninh Binh (Vietnam), Chiba (Japan), Gwangju (South Korea), Kinmen Islands (Taiwan), and Brisbane (Australia).

Agoda’s booking data evaluation in 2022 identified Bangkok as the world’s top tourist destination.

SOURCE: Thaiger

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