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AirAsia Executive Oppose The Implementation of Tourist Tax

Published: September 9, 2022 at 9:34 pm


Now that all flights resume normal operations, the Thai government’s plans to collect tourist tax on foreign tourists must be scrapped as it may hinder tourism recovery, according to the chief executive of AirAsia, Tony Fernandes

“We can resume operations at the perfect moment since more countries are opening their borders, especially South Korea and Japan which is our core destination,” he added.

Mr. Fernandes said that AirAsia X might return to profitability since the airline company is planning to add more flights in 2023.

Travel demand surged in July after border restrictions have been removed by the government, particularly the removal of the Thailand Pass and other entry restrictions.

Mr. Fernandes believes that the government would not collect the 300-baht tourist tax from foreign guests at this time since Thailand’s tourism rebound is starting to get momentum.

However, he pointed out that the airline company will comply with the rule if requested to assist in collecting the fees.

“Although it is a small charge to be shouldered by foreign tourists, everyone in the business is aware that even the smallest change could directly influence travel demand.”

He added that the tourist tax might hinder travelers, especially in view of the fact that airfares and travel expenses have increased due to increasing fuel costs.

Mr. Fernandes stated that the tourism industry generates 17% of Thailand’s GDP. If the tourism numbers go down, the economy would suffer.

“Thailand has traditionally been one of the most popular tourist destinations, but other countries are starting to catch up. The government should avoid adding burden on the tourists and the industry” he added.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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