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2023’s Backpacker Picks: Bangkok Grabs the Bronze

Published: April 11, 2023 at 7:09 pm


The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok, has been ranked as one of the premier destinations for backpackers in 2023, as per the findings of the British retail corporation, Cotswold Outdoor.

Bangkok is a backpacker’s paradise, with affordable accommodation, tasty street food, cheap alcoholic drinks,, free activities, and different public transportation systems. Although Thailand offers an array of upscale travel options, Bangkok ensures that visitors can enjoy a fulfilling experience even on a limited budget.

Cotswold Outdoor chose the most desirable destinations for travelers according to average costs, mobile Internet speeds, couch surf hosts, crime rates, and the availability of free attractions.

The top 10 travel destinations for this year are as follows:

1. Yerevan, Armenia
2. Baku, Azerbaijan
3. Bangkok, Thailand
4. Hanoi, Vietnam
5. Seoul, South Korea
6. Madrid, Spain
7. Budapest, Hungary
8. Sofia, Bulgaria
9. Beijing, China
10. Vienna, Austria

Bangkok is ideal for budget travelers because of its wide selection of inexpensive hostels, average hotel prices, and free activities. Bangkok is perfect for travelers because a night at one of the city’s 992 hostels costs just 585 baht ($17), and there are 463 free attractions to explore throughout the city.

Cotswold Outdoor reports that the cost of essential groceries in Bangkok is $16.54, which is more expensive than in Yerevan ($12.78) and Baku ($11.33). However, the majority of backpackers visiting Bangkok are unlikely to purchase groceries. Opting for street food and dining at local eateries proves to be a more cost-effective choice than buying and preparing meals independently. Satisfying and flavorful meals can be acquired for as little as 50 baht (approximately $1.46).

Bangkok’s public transportation is inexpensive, particularly the MRT, BTS, and public buses. A typical journey costs just 30 baht (US$0.82). However, this is only accurate if the taxi driver utilizes the taxi meter as the law requires. Usually, taxi drivers in the capital will attempt to extort more money from travelers by requesting a fixed amount at the start of the journey.

Bangkok’s hostels are more expensive compared to those in Kathmandu, Nepal, and Islamabad, Pakistan, where the average nightly rate is only $7.

Couch surfing has yet to take off in Thailand, as there are only 14 hosts in Bangkok. Comparatively, Berlin, Germany, has 335 couch surf hosts, while Paris, France, has 292, and Brussels, Belgium, has 121.

Budget-conscious backpackers might also be intrigued by the opportunity to explore the city’s most affordable cannabis offerings.

SOURCE: Thaiger

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