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Bangkok Included In World’s Best Cities For Business Tourism.

Published: September 6, 2022 at 8:43 pm

Business travel could be a great advantage in the right locations. Dojo creates a study on which international destinations are ideal for business travel.

In their study, the card payment provider can determine the best city for business tourism by evaluating the 50 cities in the world based on:

  • The price of a 3-course meal
  • Average internet download speeds
  • Average hotel price rates
  • Average hotel 5-star review ratings
  • Nearest airports
  • Average taxi rates
  • Statistical crime rates
  • WeWork coworking spaces

Singapore ranks first with an overall index score of 79.3 out of 100, making it the best city for business travel in the world.

With an 85.4 Mbps average internet speed and 14 WeWork facilities, Singapore is an ideal location for a business trip. In addition to an exceptional airport rating of 8.17 out of 10 and an average hotel rating of 7.71, Singapore’s Changi Airport has an excellent rating making it a pleasant place to stay. In Singapore, a three-course meal will cost you £45, so you can eat well on business trips on a budget.

Seoul, situated in South Korea, placed second with a score of 79/100, just behind Singapore.

This city’s internet speeds are at 116.86 Mbps, so you will have no difficulty getting work done! There are 17 WeWork facilities in Seoul, making working simpler than ever. With an average airport rating of 7.66 and a high hotel rating of 8.17, Seoul is the place to stay for a comfortable business trip.

Bangkok ranks 10th on the list with people having access to a 51Mbps connection.  This city has an average hotel rating of 8.3 and a low crime rate. The average hotel cost per night is £34 and Suvarnabhumi International Airport has an average airport rating of 7.6 making the city a sanctuary for business travelers.

SOURCE: Travel Daily Media

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