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The Federation of Thai Industries Urges Thai Government To End Test & Go

Published: March 14, 2022 at 5:50 pm

fti president

The Federation of Thai Industries has urged the government to end the Test & Go program and make a move to fix the country’s current fuel price situation. On Thursday, the federation’s president proposes easing the Test & Go requirements in order to boost tourism and economic recovery of the country.

Thailand should only require fully vaccinated travelers to present proof of vaccination upon entering the country, the FTI advised. It said that the government should use a tracking system to monitor tourists without hassle, such as using a passport system.

Additionally, the president asked officials to act on the increasing fuel prices. In a poll conducted by the FTI, 75.2% of firms expressed worry about rising fuel costs. Workers in a variety of businesses, from boat tours to land transportation, have expressed concerns and fear about the effect increasing fuel costs are having on their livelihoods. This week, the CEO of a Phuket speedboat tour firm said that despite rising fuel costs, she will not increase tour prices.  Doing so tourists would stop paying for her services.

Finally, the FTI brought up the problem of enterprises’ high manufacturing costs and ingredients. The president remarked that the government should keep the Automatic Tariff Adjustment Mechanism’s pricing in order to prevent an increase in industrial sector costs.

Source: Pattaya News

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