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Koh Chang’s Galaxy Hotel – A Haunted Hideaway in an Abandoned Cruise Ship

Published: July 12, 2023 at 7:48 pm

abandoned cruise ship koh chang

Tired of sunbathing on beaches and in search of unique experiences? Consider visiting the “haunted” abandoned ship in a secluded spot on Koh Chang in Thailand’s southern Trat province.

The “Galaxy Hotel” is catching the attention of travelers seeking new experiences.

This hotel was originally a seven-story cruise ship converted into a hotel as part of the Koh Chang Grand Lagoona project.

However, the hotel ceased operations about 20 years ago due to an economic downturn.  Since then it has since been sitting eerily quiet, its once bustling corridors now filled with echoing silence.

The Galaxy Hotel, roughly 27 kilometers from the Koh Chang Ferry terminal, is no longer operational. Still, the owner invites tourists to explore the property. The entrance fee to the ship-shaped hotel is 150 Baht per person, a small price for the chance to explore this unique site.

The first and second floors once housed conference rooms and staff areas, while the third through fifth floors accommodated about 200 guest rooms.

Many of the rooms’ amenities, including TVs, refrigerators, bed linens, and towels, remain in their original state from when the hotel first opened. The final two floors used to be home to a restaurant.

The owner confirms that guests are welcome to explore all areas.

Various believers in the supernatural have spread rumors that people have fallen from the seventh floor, lending the site a haunted reputation. Local media report that, on average, 20 to 40 individuals visit the location daily.

So if you’re in search of the extraordinary and the supernatural, the Galaxy Hotel on Koh Chang Island awaits. Come, delve into its history, walk its abandoned corridors, and maybe even meet its spectral guests. Just remember, adventure isn’t always where you expect to find it – sometimes, it’s tucked away in an abandoned cruise ship hotel on a secluded Thai island.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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