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Koh Adang Is Set To Become World-Class Tourist Destination

Published: March 27, 2023 at 7:58 pm

koh adang

An island in southern Thailand will be developed as a top-tier tourist destination. The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) believes that Koh Adang, situated in the southern border province of Satun, will grow into a top-tier tourist attraction similar to Langkawi in Malaysia.

The province of Satun is famous for its picturesque natural beauty, with mountains, jungles, and beaches. The SBPAC recently met to discuss strategies for improving the province’s tourism, as reported by The Phuket Express today.

The SBPAC’s Deputy Secretary-General, Chanathan Saengphum, said that appropriate agencies would coordinate during the following five years to transform Koh Adang into a major tourist spot. The initiative intends to advertise Koh Adang as the “Rivera of Southeast Asia” and to establish it as a recreational hub and major ecotourism destination.

Koh Adang encompasses an area of approximately 30 30 sq . km and is surrounded by smaller islands, including Ko Dong, Ko Lipe, Ko Hin Ngam, and Ko Yang. The island is filled with tall mountains and dense green forests. Additional natural attractions were Mae Mai Bay, the Namtok Chon Salat waterfall, and the picturesque Pha Chado viewpoint. In the past, Pha Chao served as an observatory point for pirates seeking to attack merchant ships.

According to Professor Dr. Sukree Langputae, Vice-President for International Relations and Alumni of Fatoni University, in terms of preparing for the tourism development plan, Satun must equip students with essential knowledge and abilities, such as foreign languages.

Koh Adang is the second biggest island in Tarutao National Park, behind Koh Tarutao. Koh Adang can become a significant player in the global tourism industry because of its natural beauty and numerous tourism-related resources.

SOURCE: Thaiger

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