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Large Group Of Tourists Visiting Thailand Are Coming From Malaysia

Published: September 13, 2022 at 11:20 pm

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, most international tourists arriving in Thailand in July are coming from Malaysia. Thailand welcomed 220,554 tourists from Malaysia in July, and most of the tourists cross the land border in Songkhla province.

Since the removal of mandatory insurance and Thailand Pass, post-pandemic travel for Malaysians to Thailand becomes much more convenient.

The Shuttle Train service that links Hat Yai, Thailand, to Padang Besar, Malaysia, restarted operations in July making travel between countries easier and affordable. A 1-hour trip only costs THB50 Baht.

Other counties visited in July are coming from:

India – 106,139
Vietnam – 60,981
Korea – 59,226
Singapore – 56,673
Cambodia – 51,841
Laos – 49,299
USA – 43,923
UK – 40,596
Australia -36,525

However, for the first time, Indonesia has surpassed Thailand and Malaysia’s tourism rankings. Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs said on Friday that Indonesia has moved to 32nd place in the Travel and Tourism Development Index with a score of 4.4, up from 44th place and a score of 4.2.


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