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WARNING: Malicious Links and Fake QR Code Spotted In Thailand Pass Phishing Emails

Published: January 28, 2022 at 7:17 pm

It appears that official government websites in Thailand are frequently the subject of successful hacking attempts and Thailand Pass website is no exception. There have been few reports from individuals receiving a suspicious email about the Thailand Pass that directed them to malicious information.

It is thought that hackers have acquired the email database collected by the Thailand Pass website and exploited the list of applicants to disseminate malware. Users have reported receiving bogus emails informing them that they have a problem with their Thailand Pass application and asking them to download a file from a URL in the email. The best way to spot them is the email’s poor English and punctuation.

Phishing email sample
Phishing email sample

The sentence fragment and absence of concluding punctuation should serve as a warning not to open the link which is highlighted by a button and a poorly crossed-out QR code. The link takes you to gamecardsy.com, which has been recognized as a potentially malicious site by GSB or Google Safe Browsing. According to GSB warning, the site may attempt to fool you into downloading or installing dangerous files that might spam or hack your computer.

The QR code in the bogus email is Thailand Pass for Mr. Hongkam and it looks that everyone is receiving the same generic email from the same Thailand Pass registration account.

Anyone who receives such an email is cautioned not to open any links and notify others who may also receive the phishing email. It is usually a good idea not to click any links in unsolicited emails. If you are not sure if the email is valid even it appears legitimate, open your browser and manually enter the URL https://tp.consular.go.th/ to make sure you are not redirected to malware or malicious links.

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