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Thailand Introduced a Tourism Portal To Streamline Travel To The Land of Smiles

Published: December 17, 2021 at 8:59 pm

entry thailand

The Tourism Ministry has created a new web tourism portal with the goal of making travel more simple and streamlined for 15 million expected tourists to visit Thailand next year.   According to a Bangkok Post article, the web portal, titled Entry Thailand, has been budgeted for its first phase at 49.6 million baht.

The web portal contains a list of the documents and information that tourists must provide before arrival alongside connections to 3rd party providers of SHA Plus approved hotels and COVID-19 insurance.  It also has a link to the Mor Chana contact-tracing application and Thailand Pass website.  Entry Thailand also has all the information on arrival processes, tax refund applications, and how to reach Tourist Police.

Tourism Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn said the web portal is part of his ministry’s e-service plan for 2022 until 2024, with a goal of guiding travelers in navigating Thailand’s stringent entry requirements due to COVID-19.

“A lot of documents and several organizations with which travelers need to deal are impractical. The ministry hopes that this platform would alleviate some of their concerns when organizing vacations to Thailand.”

Phiphat is hopeful about reopening borders with Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar, which could lead from 8 to 15 million travelers in 2022.  According to the minister, such figures should produce up to THB1.8 trillion in income.

Phiphat added that if everything goes well, Thailand will get 20 million visitors in 2023, which means that the country must improve its tourism infrastructure and be capable of handling the demand.  Phiphat knows that the Entry Thailand web portal will help to provide all the necessary information, including information on tourism attractions, dining, and transportation.

Entry Thailand phase 2 would encourage more government agencies to add their services on the web portal.  There is potential for start-up businesses to utilize Entry Thailand to market their goods and services to travelers.

Source: Bangkok Post

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