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Officials Remains Optimistic For Thailand Tourism In 2022

Published: February 17, 2022 at 6:18 pm

Tourists taking photos at Tha Phae Gate in Chiang Mai

Though tourism this year got a rough start, the Tourism Authority of Thailand remains optimistic for tourism revenue this year.  According to Bangkok Post, the Tourism Authority of Thailand governor aims to attract wealthy travelers, remote workers, and experienced professionals to visit Thailand.  He added that by 2023, the country’s target tourism revenue this year will reach 2.4 trillion baht, or 80% of what was earned in 2019.

Currently, tourism income is set to reach 1.28 trillion baht this year. TAT governor said that at least 626 billion baht in tourism earnings would be generated by at least 10 million foreign travel arrivals with a spending average of 62,580 baht for each tourist. TAT’s deputy governor of marketing for Asia and the South Pacific, they are targeting environment enthusiast Millenials and South Korean LGBTQIA+ community who loves watching Thai drama series.

According to the deputy governor, films and television shows have attracted individuals from other countries to visit Thailand.  One of them is the comedy/drama movie Lost in Thailand.  It is a Chinese film about 3 Chinese guys traveling across Thailand.  Even though the film was released in 2012, many Chinese fans of the film have traveled to Thailand for years to see the locations featured in the film.

Source: Bangkok Post

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