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Organizational Quarantine Imposes Use Rules as State Quarantine – Foreign Ministry

Published: August 12, 2020 at 11:08 pm

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Organizational quarantine facilities, or facilities chosen by private organizations in lieu of government installations, use the same rules and regulations as those implemented in state quarantine facilities.

This was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cherdkiat Atthakor.

Mr. Cherdkiat told reporters that private organizations sought to set up their own quarantine facilities to house the members of their own workforce that are coming in from abroad, whether they are returning Thais or foreign nationals.

In this arrangement, the private organization will be in charge of reaching out to possible partner hotels or medical facilities that will accommodate their arriving personnel.

In addition, Mr. Cherdkiat said, the organization will shoulder all the expenses for maintaining the quarantine facility.

Organizational quarantine facilities can help the government save money, and to allocate its personnel to other more important areas of concern. The Foreign Ministry spokesman said that these facilities can help prevent congestion and overworking labor in government facilities once the arrivals start to pick up as the lockdown is eased.

An embassy made use of organizational facilities in August 8, when one of its staff together with four family members arrived in Thailand and were immediately quarantined in a facility that was set up by the embassy itself.

The embassy took on the task of assessing the venue and certifying it fit for use as per the guidelines set by the Disease Control Department in July 30 of this year.

All organizational quarantine facilities are chosen according to the standard set by the Public Health Ministry, under which the Disease Control Department works.

Although the emergency decree that implemented the current lockdown is still in place August 31st, agencies of the Royal Thai Government are now preparing to gradually ease the lockdown.

The country is preparing to welcome non-tourist visits soon, beginning with migrant workers, film crews and foreign personnel performing critical or specialized tasks in the industry that they work for. All of these foreigners are required to be quarantined for 14 days after arrival.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has called on the Public Health Ministry and The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration to work together and establish clear guidelines for the re-entry of foreigners into the country.

In addition, the CCSA and other relevant government agencies have met last Friday to discuss the resumption of specific services and activities. These include extending the operating time of entertainment venues to 2 am instead of midnight, and the resumption of face-to-face classes in schools.

The CCSA still has not published the results of that meeting, but is expected to do so within the next few weeks.

Other foreigner groups are expected to return to Thailand in the coming months. These include medical tourists, permanent residents, foreigners with Thai spouses and members of the Thailand Elite program.

Local hospitality operators have been calling for the resumption of foreign tourism within the last quarter of 2020. There is still no update from the government regarding the stalled “travel bubble” agreements with China, South Korea and Japan nor the “Safe and Sealed” plan submitted by private tour operators last week.


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