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Pattaya Reopening Expected To Skip Nightlife, Focus on Other Attractions

Published: September 17, 2021 at 8:05 pm

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Though Pattaya and the rest of Thailand are still determining how and when will reopen to foreign tourists, it seems probable that when Pattaya reopens, the nightlife and entertainment for which the city is renowned will be unavailable.

While the reopening is imminent, authorities in Chon Buri haven’t made plans to reopen nightclubs and bars that draw a sizable portion of Pattaya’s tourists.

The Phuket Sandbox is now in its 3rd month and many anticipated that with the return of foreign tourists, nightlife and clubs would have to reopen.  However, that has not occurred, and many restaurants have resorted to illegally serving alcohol.  At the same time, PEBA or Patong Entertainment Business Association made a strong stand against the closure of entertainment and nightlife venues in Phuket and the lack of support from the Thai government, calling on bars and clubs to reopen as same as restaurants despite the move being legally questionable and reprimanded.

Pattaya could face a similar predicament since entertainment and nightlife establishments have gotten little to no government help and have been shuttered for more than 5 months, with reopening plans excluding nightlife. Local authorities are taking advantage of the situation and trying to rebrand Pattaya away from a party and nightlife destination.

Chon Buri’s plan promotes cultural experiences and natural attractions to tourists visiting Thailand in the following months. Tourism promotion will emphasize cleaner beaches owing to a shortage of visitors, water activities such as diving and swimming, golfing, and local businesses such as shopping and eating with restaurants and major retail centers such as Terminal 21 and Central Festival.

The government also intends to highlight beautiful natural areas and scenic sites such as Nong Nooch Gardens, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, The Sanctuary of Truth, Koh Larn, and the freshly repainted Big Buddha, as well as local temples.  Additionally, they will want to attract visitors interested in the history and culture by showcasing traditional Thai clothes, weaving, cuisine, and culture.

With Thailand’s tourism hotspots already struggling to attract foreign tourists in the wake of the COVID-19, it may be difficult for Pattaya to recreate itself without its renowned nightlife.

Source: Pattaya News

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