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Phuket Beach Festival 2022 To Boost Surf Tourism In Phuket

Published: August 11, 2022 at 10:55 pm

phuket beach festival

A beach event in Phuket is set this month and its main goal is to increase surf tourism in the island province. According to Tourism and Sports Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, it is expected that fewer visitors will visit the island province during the rainy season, but it is the best time for surfing.

The Facebook page of the Phuket Beach Festival displays a promotional video for the surfing event that will start on August 23-28.  The post shows physically fit young surfers riding the waves at  Kata Beach.  The event will include surfing contests, beach lifestyle FLEA Markets, Thai artist performances, and more. The performances are live concerts and will be live-streamed on Phuket Beach Festival’s Facebook page.

According to the event’s page, the prize money that will be given to winners is over THB 444,000 baht.

The minister informed reporters that the coming Phuket Beach Festival 2022 is part of the ministry’s “Air, Sea, Land, Southern Sports Tourism Festival” concept. He added that the objective is to increase sports tourism in Phuket via collaboration between the government and Phuket’s business sector.

Due to concern about strong waves, the minister assures the public that the government is prepared and set safety measures for the event.

“We have collaborated with worldwide organizations such as the International Surfing Association and the International Life Saving Association to prepare practice areas for trainers”

SOURCE: Phuket Express

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