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Phuket Is Prepared Moving To Endemic Phase

Published: April 27, 2022 at 11:36 pm

phuket tourist wearing mask

Governor Narong of Phuket said that Phuket is about to enter the ‘endemic’ stage. The discussion, which took place at the Phuket Provincial Hall, revealed that Phuket recorded an average of 162 positive cases per day. On those numbers, around 2-3% of confirmed infected individuals needed hospitalization.

However, Narong added that the official provincial decree with the specific guidelines has not yet been released. All entertainment establishments must stay closed for the time being, as ordered by the CCSA. However, if entertainment establishments have been transformed into restaurants, they are permitted to remain open until 12 AM. He also said that individuals were encouraged to continue working from home as needed.

In February, Phuket set the target of declaring Covid-19 an endemic, seeking to become the first province to do so. Deputy governor Pichet Panapong believes obtaining endemic status would enable authorities to concentrate on economic recovery.

According to Thailand’s National Communicable Disease Committee, a province could declare Covid-19 endemic status if the infection rate does not exceed 10,000 infections per day, the death rate does not exceed 0.1%, and 80% of high-risk individuals have received at least 2 jabs of COVID-19 vaccine.

Source: Phuket News

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