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Phuket Receives 4,000 Thailand Pass Applications Daily

Published: January 13, 2022 at 4:38 pm

tourists arrive at the airport

According to the Phuket Tourism Association president, the island remains popular with international tourists as the Thailand Pass system receives 4,000 applications daily.  According to Bhummikitti Ruktaengam, the majority of those tourists come from the USA, UK, Germany, France, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Bhummikitti attributes Phuket’s success to the COVID-19 measures which instill confidence and trust among foreign guests.

He added that 70%–80% of foreign arrivals who test COVID-19 positive are infected with the Omicron variant. Nevertheless, 90% of the cases show mild symptoms and he asserts that they can remain isolated in their hotel rooms as long as the hotel is SHA Plus accredited.

The authorities are also adding facilities in case hotels do not have isolation rooms for guests who are tested positive. These may be hospitels or the recently established Traveler Community Isolation wards. Today, Phuket will launch 3 additional TCI facilities to accommodate infected travelers whose hotels don’t have isolation rooms.

Meanwhile, 126 of Phuket’s 480 hotels have registered to provide hotel room isolation, reserving several rooms for visitors with just mild symptoms to self-isolate. According to the Bangkok Post, the island currently boasts 650 such accommodations. Bhummikitti said that Bangkok Hospital Siriroj has agreed to collaborate with a local hotel to offer additional 100 hospitel rooms.

Source: Bangkok Post

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