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Removal Of Test & Go Receives Positive Feedback

Published: May 2, 2022 at 9:53 pm

arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Foreign visitors who have come following the removal of Test & Go have applauded the government’s move. Bangkok Post chatted with a number of recent international arrivals to know their reactions to the streamlined entry processes. Kyle Sutherland, a Canadian, stated that his choice to forego PCR testing upon arrival saved him money.

“Because I like Thai cuisine and boxing, I chose to come despite the complex guidelines.” However, the removal simplifies my life. Also, when Covid-19 cases decline, all countries will loosen restrictions for greater convenience.”

A 28-year-old American traveler, Justin Chines compares his current visit to his January one, which required much more documentation. This time, he claims he received his Thailand Pass in a few days, as opposed to the 3 weeks it took in January.


“I would say that it is quite simple at the moment. I am not required to submit a PCR result or a hotel quarantine. It’s quite handy. However, I believe it would be ideal if the demand for health insurance were eliminated since it has increased the cost of travel.”


A 27-year-old Cambodian traveler told reports that she also saved money as a result of the cancellation of PRC testing. Sorm David is visiting the country with her companions and noted how streamlined the updated Thailand Pass process is.

Thailand’s transport minister, Chayatham Phromsorn, visited Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday to assess the airport’s preparedness to handle arrivals under the streamlined entry procedure. He anticipates that tourist numbers would climb to over 100,000 daily arrivals at Suvarnabhumi, or around 36.5 million passengers per year, by 2024.

“All state authorities are currently collaborating to improve the efficiency of arrivals and departures and to reduce delays at Thailand Pass and immigration checks.”

Source: Bangkok Post

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