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Schools in Phuket Closed Out of Fear of Virus

Published: January 6, 2021 at 11:17 am

Phuket School

All schools and informal learning centers in the island of Phuket have been ordered closed by the provincial government following a meeting of the Phuket Communicable Disease Committee headed by Governor Narong Woonciew.

This decision was broadcasted live and was announced by Vice Governor Piyaphong Chuwong on Monday.

According to Vice Governor, the meeting made three decisions, as follows:

  1. All schools are required to be closed down for 2 weeks, from January 7 to January 20.
  2. Facilities that provide necessary public services must strictly comply with public health measures issued by the Provincial Government and the Ministry of Public Health. These include government offices, police stations, and public health departments.
  3. To increase the vigilance and monitoring of people entering the province through air, water and land borders by making mandatory temperature checks and asking them to download the Mor Chana app on their mobile phone.

The Committee also reiterated an order it gave on December 24 – all establishments that are to remain open are to strictly comply with all COVID-19 prevention measures including social distancing and the use of face masks.

The Committee also released a set of rules governing activities and the establishments that host them. These include:

  1. All activities that make people gather together and come into close contact must be avoided, or strictly monitored. These activities include meetings, large seminars, and food distribution, among others. If needed to push through, the activities must maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters between participants, must take place in an open area, must be of an acceptable length of time and must always observe disease prevention measures.


  1. Events like gambling, cockfighting, fish catching, boxing and card games are prohibited. Any person engaging in illegal gambling will be arrested.


  1. No activities like street walking or any other similar activity are allowed.


  1. Full contact sports are forbidden. No spectators are allowed for non-contact sports as well. Organizers must be guided by the guidelines set by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports designed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.


  1. The following establishments will remain open but must comply with preventive measures as required by the government:


  1. Service establishments like pubs, karaoke bars, entertainment venues and other similar establishments must disallow patrons from dancing. Social distancing must be strictly enforced.
  2. Department stores, shopping centers, flea markets, wholesale outlets
  3. Parks, courtyards and public event spaces. Gymnasiums and other sports facilities must not attract audience and crowds.
  4. Food and beverage restaurants, food parks, food courts
  5. Health establishments like Thai massage parlors, foot massage parlors and spas.
  6. Tutoring establishments
  7. Government offices

The general public is required to take note of the five points of COVID-19 prevention like Distancing, Mask Wearing, Hand Washing, Temperature Check and installing the Thai Chana app.

Any violations of the above orders can be considered as violations of Sections 51 and 52 of the Communicable Disease Act, and Section 18 of the Emergency Decree.



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