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TAT Unveils ASQ Paradise Project

Published: December 2, 2020 at 8:23 am

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In a bid to give potential tourists up to date information in an easy –to-access platform, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has partnered with Locanation Company Limited in order to build and release the “ASQ Paradise” project.

The project aims to convey “world class information” to foreigners about issues like quarantine and control standards, as well as hotels that are qualified to offer alternative state quarantine or ASQ services around the country.

TAT Deputy Governor Thapanee Kiatphaibool said that the TAT wants to capitalize on the strength of Thailand’s tourism infrastructure, which continues to be resilient despite the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the ASQ Paradise project, Thailand has an opportunity to showcase to the world the wonders of its tourist attractions and offer foreigners a “safe haven” against COVID-19 where they can stay for their holidays without an inkling of worry about getting infected.

“TAT sees an opportunity during this crisis to show other aspects of our tourism potential to the world. Not only do we retain our outstanding hospitality and travel services, but also the highest possible standards for pandemic control and quarantine,” Ms. Thapanee said in a press release.

Through the website, visitors can look at information about the 107 ASQ-certified hotels in the Kingdom, including what packages they offer and how much for the two-week quarantine period. With this information, tourists can choose whether they want to experience quarantine in a three-star, four-star or five-star accommodation.

They can also protect themselves, as all of the hotels featured in the ASQ Paradise website are certified by the Ministry of Public Health.

Of course, locals who would like to invest in domestic tourism can also make use of the same services offered by the ASQ Paradise website as well.

“Both domestic and international tourists can use the asq.locanation.com website to fully meet their needs,” Locanation’s founder Pepe Arunanondchai said on the joint press release issued by the company and the TAT.

Mr. Arunanondchai said the ASQ Paradise website also services as a jumping point for Locanation’s expansion into the online travel agent market.

In addition to Locanation, the TAT also linked with the ASQ Club Thailand in order to propagate information about the ASQ Paradise project. The Club was incorporated by the government specifically to help spread such information to the public.

“With the launch of the asq.locanation.com website, the ASQ Club Thailand believes that it will definitely prove to be an asset for overseas tourists, local entrepreneurs, or foreigners working in Thailand who want to research everything themselves and book directly with participating ASQ hotels,” Club President Prin Pathanatham explained.

Before this arrangement, he said, tourists had a hard time researching information on ASQ services before such information were “scattered.”

The TAT will also use its foreign offices to direct foreigners to the ASQ Paradise website.

The TAT also launched a number of activities in support of the Project, including an e-commerce promotion that lets tourists receive a “Happy DIY set” with free delivery courtesy of the ASQ Club Thailand.


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