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Tourism Authority of Thailand Sets Sights On Welcoming 6 Million European Tourists

Published: March 10, 2023 at 5:53 pm

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Thailand expects to welcome 6 million European visitors this year which will contribute about THB 420 billion in earnings. Yuthasak Supasorn, the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) voiced his belief in Thailand’s capability to uphold its position as a leading tourist spot for Europeans.

He stated that the pent-up interest of Europeans in tourism should ideally continue for another one to two years. The TAT projects that Thailand will generate 1.5 trillion baht from tourism in 2023. Princess Ubolratana advocated for sustainable tourism and soft power at the ITB Berlin 2023 trade expo, aiming to take advantage of the high demand from European visitors.

Even though Europe is a crucial market for Thailand, there are several factors hindering a stronger surge in tourism. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, while instability in politics and economics poses a threat of a worldwide recession

Prior to Covid-19, flight fares were much lower than they are now. And the tourism industry is still attempting to recover from the pandemic-caused enormous cutbacks and losses. Additional flights are required on more routes, and many airlines and airports are experiencing labor shortages as a result of layoffs enforced when Covid grounded the majority of flights. Suvarnabhumi Airport is anticipated to authorize a third ground handler to reduce delays and congestion.

The TAT’s Deputy Governor for Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas announced that applications for summer bookings for long-haul flights had hit 70% of the 2019 level after a 60% increase in flights during the current cool season. And there will be an increase in long-haul flights.

Throughout the 30-week summer schedule beginning in April, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Qatar, the United Kingdom, and Oman will operate significantly more long-haul flights to Thailand. Moreover, THAI Airways has recently introduced a greatly expanded summer schedule.

The TAT believes that there is a silver lining to Thailand’s constrained flight capacity. With the gradual increase in available flights pushing up airfare prices, visitors may choose to stay longer to make the most out of their spending.  This is true for those who have to pay fees to travel long-haul across the globe. A one-week vacation may not appear as worthwhile in comparison.

The TAT thinks that if the government continues to extend tourist visas and visas upon arrival between 30 to 45 days and 15 to 30 days respectively, tourists will take advantage of the opportunity to stay in Thailand for longer periods. However, the program extension from March 31 to the end of the year still needs approval from the cabinet.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a campaign called “Visit Thailand Year 2023” to address the challenges that travelers still face. The campaign aims to attract visitors that Thailand considers to be of higher quality, often translated as “wealthy”. The objective is to attract travelers who are interested in responsible tourism and seeking a better experience.

Although the TAT concentrates on attracting 6 million European tourists, the second quarter is usually the market’s off-season. As a result, the TAT will change its attention to China and the Middle East in order to maintain a steady flow of tourists.

SOURCE: Thaiger

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