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TAT launches a brand-new campaign, Amazing Thailand, in advance of the reopening of Phuket.

Published: May 24, 2021 at 5:42 pm


The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s latest campaign to entice international tourists, which begins on July 1 in Phuket, is a play on a previous tagline.

The new one is:

“Amazing Thailand…Amazing kwaa derm” – Amazing Thailand….even more, amazing than before.

The TAT governor told Thai Rath that the Phuket sandbox was “all systems go” during a video meeting with 50-60 tourism representatives from the commercial sector on the tourist island.

He spewed a slew of jargon.

One was the significance of what he referred to as “City Marketing.”

This was necessary because if foreign tourists saw the overall number of virus cases in Thailand, they could be horrified and decide not to visit.

As a result, Phuket figures needed to be released separately to create confidence in the virus’s control. Yuthasak Suphasorn stated yesterday, contributed to the TAT’s “Countdown to Reopen Phuket” campaign.

This would disclose how many people on the island were infected with Covid-19 and how many have been immunized.

Additionally, Yutthasak has a few surprises on his sleeve.

He invited what he dubbed “200 KOL Bloggers” to visit Phuket in July to see how the island had improved.

KOL means Key Opinion Leaders, notes Thaivisa.

It all contributes to the new Amazing Thailand motto.

Additionally, he intended to invite global television stations to Phuket for a 1-2 month period to demonstrate how nicely things were going.

Thai Rath also cited a senior executive at Central stating that 85% of personnel had been vaccinated, so developing a “herd immunity” would encourage tourists to shop there.

Now, only one question remains unanswered.

Will tourists come?

Source:  Thaivisa

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