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TAT Launches NFT BUAKAW 1 x Amazing Thailand Exclusive Collection

Published: December 20, 2022 at 8:42 pm

NFT buakaw

The Tourism Authority of Thailand intends to promote to travelers the new ‘NFT BUAKAW 1 x Amazing Thailand Exclusive Collection’ NFT highlighting Buakaw Banchamek.

Deputy Governor for Digitalisation, Research, and Development, Nithee Seeprae said, “This new collection of exclusive Thai NFT’s is a continuation of Thailand’s efforts to utilize new technologies and establish a new ‘tourism ecosystem’ in an effort to achieve sustainable industry. It is anticipated that the NFTs will draw interest to travelers with high buying power while simultaneously promoting the ‘travel to earn’ idea for tourists visiting Thailand.”

The ‘NFT BUAKAW 1 x Amazing Thailand Exclusive Collection’ launch implies the ‘Amazing Thailand NFTs’ campaign, wherein tourists can collect NFTs from major tourist destinations.  These destinations include Ancient City in Samut Prakan, China Town, Giant Swing, Wat Arun, and Siam Square in Bangkok.

The new NFT collection incorporates tourist attractions of the country with the culture of Muay Thai. It is derived from the BUAKAW 1 NFT collection of 2,000 pieces of digital art centered on Muay Thai fighter Buakaw, which was created and released in May 2022 by Buakaw’s Banchamek Gym, SIX Network, and Martech group company YDM.

Scheduled to be released in early 2023, the NFT collection showcases Muay Thai fighter Buakaw on a scene that can be modified to display tourist destinations from 10 provinces in Thailand, including Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Ranong, Sukhothai, and Chanthaburi.

In addition, there is a ‘symmetric liquid’ mode that allows further transformation of the NFT.

The NFT BUAKAW 1 x Amazing Thailand Exclusive Collection can be used to get discounts on more than 50 hotels and resorts in Thailand/.

Via Buakaw Banchamek Facebook page, there will also be a ‘Friends Get Friends To Travel’ component in which NFT holders may encourage their friends to participate in the activity and receive travel rewards.

Click here for more information or visit the Buakaw Banchamek Facebook page for more info about the NFT BUAKAW 1 x Amazing Thailand Exclusive Collection.

You can also see the Buakaw 1 NFT collection at OpenSea

SOURCE: Tourism Authority of Thailand

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