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Tourism Council Calls To End Thailand Pass In June

Published: April 26, 2022 at 7:51 pm

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According to the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) vice president, Vichit Prakobgosol, Thailand Pass should be ended in June if the country wants to draw 10 million foreign visitors this year. He believes that eliminating hassle paperwork could result in additional 2 million group tour visitors.

Vichit added that even with some major restrictions being eased starting May 1, the Thailand Pass registration procedure continues to impede tour operators from bringing more tour groups to the country, owing to the time-consuming process of registering each tourist.

He adds that tourist numbers might rise to 12 million if China eases its restrictions to its locals to travel overseas. Vichit is pleading with the Thai government to abolish the Thailand Pass by June to enable travel companies to capitalize on the upcoming July summer break.

“July is summer break for the short-haul market, as families plan international vacations, especially to celebrate the completion of university admission tests. Therefore, Thailand must plan ahead to capitalize on this opportunity.”

Tourism Council of Thailand is convinced that eliminating the Thailand Pass would also help enhance tourism between Malaysia and Yala province’s southern airport of Betong. Nok Air is slated to resume flights between Bangkok and Betong from April 29 after being suspended last month, less than 24 hours after the airport’s formal inauguration.

The reason for suspended flights at that time was a lack of demand. However, Vichit reports that reservations for Betong vacation packages for May are at 70%. The Tourism Council of Thailand has regarded this as a positive start, but operators must now wait and watch how June and July play out.

Source: Bangkok Post

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