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3 Thai Street Foods Featured in CNN Travel’s ‘50 Best Street Foods in Asia’ list.

Published: August 25, 2022 at 9:28 pm

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is happy to announce that 3 unique and tasty Thai dishes have been included in CNN Travel’s 50 best street foods in Asia list.

These dishes are Khao Soi (curry noodle soup), crab omelet, and Northeastern-style pork sausage or Sai Krok Isan. These dishes are featured in CNN Travel’s list that highlights the “endless culinary skill and passion for food”.

Tourism Authority of Thailand governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn said, “It’s always satisfying and incredibly fulfilling to see Thai cuisine recognized with such acclaim, and it reaffirms Thai dishes in all its forms as one of the world’s most beloved and well-known cuisines.”

CNN Travel shares its thoughts about these exquisitely delicious Thai dishes:

Khao Soi

“Khao soi, a curry noodle soup topped with deep-fried egg noodles, is a staple in Northern Thailand. On a bed of egg noodles with chicken legs or beef, vendors pour golden bowls of thick, creamy, chili-infused coconut broth. Typically served on the side are chili paste, mustard greens,  lime wedges, and freshly cut shallots”

Crab Omelette

“After experiencing eating  Thai crab omelet or Khai Chiao Pu, it is difficult to understand why other egg dishes don’t taste this good. Its crispy edges and airy texture elevates this wok-cooked dish, and sweet chili sauce drizzles.

Sai Krok Isan

Short and plump pork sausage or Sai Krok Isan is one of the most popular street meals in Northeastern Thailand. It is often prepared with pork, garlic, and sticky rice.  Herbs and spices differ from seller to vendor, with ginger, chili peppers, and cabbage often completing the ideal taste.”

Thailand’s world-famous street cuisine as being among the greatest in the world as it is featured in The Michelin Guide since 2017.

SOURCE: Tourism Authority of Thailand

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