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Thailand Elite Receives Approval For Members to Return to Thailand

Published: August 20, 2020 at 11:43 am

Thailand Elite Privilege Card Co

In July, it was widely reported that the Royal Thai government has approved in principle the return of Thailand Elite members who have been stranded abroad to the Kingdom.

Today, the Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd., the state controlled corporate entity handling the processes for the Thailand Elite visa programme, has released the final guidelines that members need to follow and agree to if they want to enroll to the Thailand Elite Members Quarantine Program.

The TEMQ is the protocol that all returning members of Thailand Elite need to follow. It lays out the criteria of who will be qualified, and what guidelines they need to agree to with the government.

Who Can Enroll?

According to TPC, only the following members will be allowed to fly in to Thailand:

  1. Members who are currently stranded abroad and would like to move to Thailand for long-term stays.
  2. Thailand Elite Members who already have Elite Visa affixed in their passports. The passport should be valid within 6 months of travel as well.
  3. Members who are willing and can afford to pay for the expenses of their quarantine period in one of the government’s Alternate State Quarantine hotels.

If you feel that you qualify, then you will need to prepare the necessary documents for your entry to the Kingdom.

Documentary Requirements

To apply, you will need to furnish the following documents:

  1. Valid passport and your Thailand Elite visa.
  2. Booking itinerary, for those planning to fly in via private jet
  3. Paperwork for your booking at the ASQ hotel.
  4. Negative COVID-19 result and certificate, issued 72 hours before departure
  5. Fit to fly certificate, issued 72 hours before departure
  6. COVID-19 insurance policy with at least USD100,000 coverage

You may need to prepare additional documents. This will be detailed by the response email of the Thai Consulate/Embassy as part of the application process.

Application Process

The TPC lays out the application process as follows:

  1. After receiving an email with the invitation to join the TEMQ program, members must fill out online and select the ASQ hotel they want to check in to. They then send their reply to TPC.
  2. TPC forwards the email to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once the Ministry responds with confirmation, TPC forwards the confirmation to the member.
  3. Members prepare documentary requirements outlined above, and bring them to the Royal Thai embassy or consulate in their country to apply.
  4. If approved, the Embassy/Consulate contacts the member to issue Certificate of Entry and flight schedule.
  5. Member forwards flight details to TPC.
  6. TPC confirms booking with desired ASQ hotel, which arranges airport transfer for the member.
  7. TPC forwards confirmation to the member, who then awaits departure date.

Arrival Procedures

Upon arrival, members will need to follow these guidelines as laid out by the CCSA:

  1. Upon arrival, members will go through medical checkpoints and subjected to additional medical screening.
  2. If tested negative, members are escorted by CCSA staff out of arrival area.
  3. Members are met by hotel staff and taken to the ASQ hotel.
  4. Upon arrival at hotel, members must download quarantine manual and mobile app for contact tracing. Trained hotel staff will also carry out medical examination for COVID-19.
  5. Members quarantine themselves from Day 0 to Day 15, in which they are confined to their rooms for Day 0 to Day 3. Afterwards, they are allowed to visit designated areas within the ASQ hotel only.
  6. They are tested again for COVID-19 on Day 11.
  7. If no positive results are recorded, members leave the hotel on Day 14 for their destination.

Members are required at all times to follow public health measures as enforced by the CCSA like social distancing, personal hygiene, and others.

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